Friday, January 15, 2016

It's a Sharp String

Joey has been leading us through musical challenges. Last week we had a flat string, and this week we played with a sharp and Knightsbridge.

This is the first one I did. I actually ended up liking it quite a bit. Somehow, it ended up looking like a landscape with depth, and a bit of horizon. In a purely boxy, linear, black and white way.

This one didn't turn out like I expected and it's my least favorite. I guess the spiral and the wavy banner-ish thing are okay but it's...whatever.

BUT! this one gave me the idea of making the string more noticeable

So I made the string double on all lines, and drew in the sections of the string, and they were sort of rounded so then...why not Aquafleur them?

I think this one turned out pretty cool.


  1. Brilliant ideas, especially the last one. I like the waviness of the first one, but the last one wins because of revealing the sharp in all it's glory. I know strings can be unnoticeable on tiles but when it is a series of musical strings it seems a shame not to feature them.

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