Thursday, January 14, 2016

Old School Zentangle

This week's Diva challenge was to create a good old fashioned tangle, on a 3.5x3.5 card, black on white with shading, and using the technique of silence and appreciation during creation.

This was a very good exercise for me, as I rarely tangle in silence. I usually have something going in the background. Sitting and doing this in silence was good for me. Thoughts were able to flow: my daughter whom I helped move yesterday; my sweety who was still asleep; some incredible thinking and learning I've been doing about quantum physics and near death experiences and the afterlife.

Under the surface of the pond

I started by holding the tile in my hand, and appreciating the quality of the tiepolo paper I had. Breathed. Put the border on in pencil, enjoying the line of graphite as it went down. Decided on a string, and began with the ink.

Using an idea I got from Shelly Beauch, I used a W string and filled it up with favorites. Because I woke up with it in my mind, I started with seedling in the center. Then Hollibaugh, printemps with some Mr E; b'tweed, flux, mooka, and zinger. I finished with the varied dots, and shading.

It took me about a half hour, and it was a very pleasant, calm 30 minutes.

I created this tile earlier in the week, but then realized I had sat with the TV on while doing it...

I call it "The Flow" because my thoughts have been so full of the nature of the universe, the flow of life energy through EVERYTHING, how the realm of the spirit flows into and through the physical and around it.

After I shaded it, I decided the bottom was the light source so things look lit from below.

There is cracked, nipon, flux, knights bridge, dyon, beadlines, Mr E and fronds. With some tipple and some aaaah!


  1. What a good exercise for us all this week! Your tile created in "silence" is lovely. What a busy mind you have had - I'm boggled just imagining it all, let alone having any understanding of those things. Your flow tile really does seem to reflect a pattern of reflections and musings. Beautiful!

  2. Both tiles are wonderful. It is amazing how well patterns fit together, yours are beautifully drawn. I love how you did your Knightsbridge, I must keep that in my mind for the future. Your titles are very creative and do seem to fit the tiles.

  3. Two lovely tiles and I enjoyed hearing about your experience making them.

  4. You have inspired me to do another tile in silence. I tend to do my tiles while listening to the TV drone on, usually tuned to my political junkie shows---hardly a relaxing background. Nice work.

  5. Great tiles and such different styles in them. I have to admit I am drawn to the second one. Not sure why.

  6. Great tiles! Thanks for sharing your "Zen";-)

  7. I learned early in life not to think too deeply about the subjects you are delving into. It doesn't keep me in the kind of space I prefer. Good luck to you though as it is very interesting. I'm glad you found the time for some quiet time with a traditional Zentangle. Nice pieces.

  8. Liebe Heidi, ich mag deine Kachel. Die Aneinanderreihung der einzelnen Muster wirkt gewollt, gekonnt und durchaus harmonisch! Danke, Astrid