Saturday, January 16, 2016

Suzy *Q* Mosh

This week Suzy's place   has a challenge: to use new Q tangles...that is, what we have never used before, and something of our choice from the patterns of Barbara Finwall.

for my  Q pattern, new to me, is Quickzly and I also used Queen's Crown.

Barbara's patterns that I used were Gnarly and Ole.

The "string" is a freehand copy of a template by Ben Kwok. You can find his amazing and fun to play with templates at the FB page Ornation Creation

It's a closed group, but you might be able to see some of the work that people have done. I'm going to get some transfer paper for putting a template in my sketchbook. Printing it up means that the template is on printer paper...not my favorite. Anyway, that's why I did the freehand onto my sketchbook.

You can see the quickzly on her forehead and the tip of her nose; queen's crown across her brow (where else) and along the upper edge of the eyes. And Barbara's Ole comes down the bridge of the nose, while her Gnarly is bursting out across the cheekbones.

Other patterns are: zenith, phicops, fescu, onomato, zedbra, and finery, framing the nose sort of feathery like. It was fun tangling this, and coloring, too. Prismacolor pencils with a little bit of white gelly roller as highlights on the eyes.

The asymmetry, so important and SO elegant in the original, makes me giggle. Those lopsided ears! ha!


  1. Beautiful art work! and you used a fantastic string.
    Greetings Esther

  2. I like this! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

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