Friday, April 15, 2016

VIII Challenge

We're vaulting on through  the Roman Numerals and now we are up to VIII

The challenge was to use N'zeppel, Marnie, Crescent Moon, and Fandango. I had forgotten how much fun fandango is...but I had a good time with it in this challenge. N'zeppel is always a great pattern, and Marnie was completely new to me. I'm going to play around with it some.

anyway, this is what I came up with for Joey's challenge

I just love Fadango! 

I'm also including my entry for Adele Bruno's string thing challenge. 

the patterns were poke leaf, hollibaugh, and copada...

this is a classic "look what shading does for a piece!" piece. Fun to do and it did turn out. 

And last, but not least, I thought I'd throw in a fun little jumble. It started out just me playing with punzel, and then it looked like fire, and then I colored it. the picture is a bit blurry, though I took two pics trying to fix it. Oh was fun coloring it. Isn't it cool, doing zentangle, you can create your own coloring book! ha!


  1. Wow, your String Thing tile is gorgeous! There's so much depth in it and I love the composition.
    Your Joey tile looks good too, especially the way you've done N'Zeppel!

  2. Great Joey's tile, it is such a light airey tile considering there were so many tangles to put into a lot of sections. I love, love, love your fiery punzel, the coloured shading is amazing.

  3. This is all great! I really love your string challenge piece;-)

  4. All three are wonderful - I especially like the flame-like colorful Punzel.