Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Diva Stripes, Joey Deci

...I think deci is ten in Latin, right? as in decimal?

So, wouldn't X be pronounced deci? Hmmm.

anyway, that was a fun string, and what a combination of patterns... Wedge, Diva Dance, Snookum, Showgirl, and Ticking.

Little Bit of Purple
So, I did create a square inside my tile, and put snookum on that. Then wedge is in the center. But where to put Showgirl? So that went in the corners, quite funky IMO...I filled up half the string with diva dance foxtrot. Ticking around the opposite corner, bigified.

When it came time for shading, showgirl just simply didn't show I colored the ticking purple, and did some purple shading on she shows up! ha! Showgirl doesn't really work that well in a corner. oh well.

The Diva's challenge was...Stripes. I decided to fill a full page of my big sketchbook. Stringing it, the stripes took on a Hollibaugh look, and filling them all up was loads of fun.

I used Pinbawl, MA XIII, Atorm, Huggins, Baton, Meer, Diamond Drop with Zinger (that's the stripe that looks like little bugs flying all in a line hahahaha), Shnek, Cle, Striping, Coil, Trimond, and N'zeppel. There is a band of jewel looking running across the striping. I don't know what it's called, but I found it clicking around on pinterest. 

It is by Molossus, whose name some might recognize. Anyway, I found it when I was exploring steampunk a bit. And, some gems in the circles. Mmmmm.

Then, in the background I did some simple spirals in gray prismacolor pencil. Fun stuff, Maynard!

And, some playing I did in my old sketchbook...I just tucked it away today when i straightened up my "art nest"....

Playing with Dillo. 

doesn't that look like bird wings? 

A Frond of Mooka

Introduction to Tamisolo


  1. Hollibaugh stripes, clever idea. Great take on Joey's challenge, you managed to be original there too! Love your frond of Mooka.

  2. That full page of stripes is wonderful! So fun to see your other work too. Beautiful, all of it!

  3. Great work all of your tiles! I really adore your diva-stripes - what a great page with so nice colour and shading of your patterns. And your frond of Mooka is faszinating, I love it :-)

  4. Beautiful work as always! I love the Diva stripes. The whole piece is so elegant. I love the shading and the faint Printemps in the background. Beautiful job on Tamisolo. I love that pattern but I struggle with finesse.

  5. While I love your page of stripes (the incredible detail and the subtle use of colour), I'm most impressed with your Verdigogh-Mooka combination. I'm saving that tile in my inspirations folder.

  6. Nice to do a full page of different stripes. I enjoyed seeing all the different tangles you chose. I also loved the Verdigogh/Mooka combo. Great tangmingle!

  7. Your work is so beautiful! Happy weekend!

  8. You were busy! And with great result. I love the stripes.

  9. I like your stripes. Great idea to draw Hollibaugh like.

  10. Nice work on all the tiles. Molossus is Sandra Strait. Not sure if you are familiar with her work or not. She use to have a pattern site on Flickr. She posts things almost daily. Life imitates Doodles is her blog. I think she has a whole section on Steam Punk.