Thursday, May 12, 2016

Drupe v. Pokeroot

These two patterns were tough to get together, but I persevered. The irony is, I love both drupe and pokeroot, but getting something I liked out of combining them wasn't that easy.

Oh, well.

This is what I ended up always, shading made SO much difference!

Huh, the pokeroot sort of looks like the roots of a giant flower....air roots.

Now, I also have been playing with Cathedral, a new pattern at

I don't like the rings I put in there, but the pattern is just delectable! I love the minimalist effect of lines and dots. Quite airy and elegant.

But when I got thinking about the inspiration for cathedral, I thought it would be fun to add an element of MA XIII and came up with this:

Some dots became flowers, and some dots became diamonds, and I was JUST tickled.
Then I honed it down to this...which seems like it might make an okay I worked on it a bit more until I came up with a stepout

Is this a new tangle?

There's a column of diamonds connected by lines, then circles "flanking" every other diamond. They become the blossoms (from MA XIII) and a diamond on top and bottom of each blossom. Then draw the elegant curving lines from the diamonds out to the blossoms and "secondary" diamonds. A line along the "outer" edges, connecting secondary diamonds to blossoms finishes it. I want to put this around something as a border.

Probably the most fun I've had with a pattern in months.


  1. This is freaky. I've been working on deconstructing a pattern from a brass window casing I saw this week which looks somewhat like what you worked on. I'll try to get the step outs done so I can share it next week. Meanwhile, back at the duotangle :-) , I think you're exactly right---air roots. Brilliant.

  2. Beautiful composition and shading on the poke roots!

  3. Fantastic Diva piece~the shading is superb! I love your border version of Cathedral. Thanks for sharing it;-)

  4. Nice composition. I like how you achieved the rounded effect with your Drupe. Nice work on playing with Cathedral. When I have time, I think this is a fun thing to do.

  5. I like how you composed your PokeRoot, HeidiSue. Cathedral looks pretty and I need to take a look at it.

  6. Your Duotangle is so beautiful!

  7. Great Pokeroot/drupe. I like the way the shading lifts it off the page. I wonder why they were so difficult to put together, a lot of people have commented on that. Perhaps it is because the Diva showed us hers and it was difficult to get that out of our heads and think of another way.