Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little Drama

This week's Diva challenge, to use a little bit of black for added drama. I had already lined out a border on a page in my big spiral sketchbook, so I went with that. Did a string simply dividing it up into about six sections, and started tangling!

Finished it up last night, just as a head cold snagged me and pushed me right under...can't. breathe...achoo!

This was lots of fun to do...I haven't done a large piece in a long time and it was fun choosing patterns and filling things in. It seems a little unbalanced to me. Lots of busy-ness to the right, with larger spaces on the left. Oh well. But Laura is right: a little black adds a lot of drama. I like it...

Included are Bateek, Kollide, Hollibaugh, bead lines, Florz, Ragz/b'tweed, Onomoto, Cathedral, Molygon/Citrus, Pozer, Ginili, and Zedbra. There's a section of Flux tangleation, one of my favorites, all done in black. And around the border what I call Howl's Necklace (based on something seen in the Hiyao Miyasaki movie "Howl's Moving Castle" another favorite)

and this little invention. Not sure if it's really original, or if so, what to call it, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it anywhere. It reminds me of Abundies.

I've got a step out, but forgot to photograph it but I'll get it in my patterns section soon.

And now, time to rest.


  1. Your large piece is quite an achievement. I especially like the upper right corner!

  2. Beautiful page and WOW - love the curves on the second piece.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the ZIA and I'm crazy about your spiraling Abundies. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. The ZIA is great, I see you used your new love cathedral. I especially like the white tipple in the black background of the hollibaugh, it makes it look like the night sky.

    1. I forgot to say I love your new tangle, just the sort I like and I look forward to seeing the step out,

  5. I'm fond of your ZIa work, so beautiful, such nice tangles, such contrasts, such an elegance, really a masterpiece!!!

  6. What a super page filled with so many different tangles. And, I also love your curved shaped tangles. Do get well soon!

  7. Nice ZIa work, very detailed. I like the way one of the tangle looks like a lemon slice.

  8. You created a beautiful zia with great shading.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Zia! So many lovely details.
    Your pattern reminds me of a combination between Abundies and Ohana (by Tina Hunziker,
    Get well soon!

  10. Like your ZIA. I like the black Flux in the upper right. Is a nice contrast to the open Florz.