Thursday, May 12, 2016

Joey's XII Challenge

Oh, I just now realized, this is Joey's 112th challenge, and it is Roman Numeral XII...hmmm, coincidence? I think not ;)

Well, anyway. Joey's challenge was to fill up the whole string with one tangle: Knightsbridge. Because there is so much filling in, it uses a lot of ink, so I don't play with Knightsbridge much, so this was a fun, challenging challenge.

However, I had just as much, if not more, fun with a new pattern on week's new tangle was Cathedral is so cool looking, so I played around with it and I made a page of it, as it is shown

figuring things out

I finished a page, then added my own embellishments that I didn't like. (those rings? yikes!) But the pattern itself is very cool to look at, and I love the examples given on

But I got thinking...this pattern is based on the ceiling inside a cathedral, and another recent tangle featured on the website was MA XIII, which is based on a design on the entry of another cathedral. So I thought why not incorporate the flower motif from MA XIII?

I like this SO much! I kept at it for half a day, off and on, coming back to play, over and over again.

a single motif

some ways were better than others. But I really liked the MAIII element, and the diamond shapes are pleasing too.

wouldn't this make a nice border
Though this isn't an original pattern, I plan on creating a step out to make cathedral as a border pattern and will post it soon.

Now, for my entry into the Joey challenge:

Looks like a confused race flag hahaha!

the pattern in the background is an adaptation that I love to use, called a-torm.

Of all the renditions of Knightsbridge, I like the one on the bottom center of the X the best. I made a standard grid, then did X's through each square, and colored in the resulting diamond shapes. One more thing: the left side of the X I tried filling in the squares with a scribble effect...not sure if i like it, but the sort of shaggy look was intentional.

Fun stuff!

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  1. Love your cathedral drawings, I must look that one up. Love your wavy Knightsbridge, it looks groovy. I must admit, I don't often use this tangle much either, sometimes it is hard to get the blocking in to look smooth.