Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The String Thing Challenge, Three Ways

Adele gave us a cool string this week, with some straight lines, and some curves. Four tangles to play with:

Sand swirl, N'zeppel, Tipple, and Swarm.

the String Thing Challenge can be found at Tickled to Tangle along with lots of things, like Wednesdays Words of Wisdom and so much creativity. Lots of patterns.

Swarm gave me fits. It seems to work in one direction, but not the other, if that makes any sense. That is, I can get it to work properly, going to the right, or clockwise...and that, only 2/3 the time (Believe me, I practiced this one dozens of times, trying to figure out what worked and what made it go wrong)...well, it looks neat when you have perpendicular sections, but not so neat when two sections "meet" at the ends. I never did get it. To this moment, if I want a cute little tidy package of swarm, I have to look at the stepouts. Doing it on my own, I flub it every time.

Now to the string:

Isn't that cool? some straight, some curved. It will be a fun string with other patterns, too.

I created a tile:

It is in brown Pitt 1.75 and the shading and coloring are prismacolor pencils.

when I finished this one, the idea came (stolen from last week's string thing challenge where someone did quib and echoism several ways that were stunning) to create some more.

Same string, but I turned them. I figured I'd break right out of the box and put tangles in different places, but when it came right down to it, Sand Swirl just SIMPLY would not go anywhere but the large rectangle, and N'zeppel liked the narrow rectangle, while swarm liked corners and curves.

Shading !
 In this one, N'zeppel did go somewhere different, and so did Swarm, but sand swirl seems to need that larger space. Tipple was fun in this one.
And here is the minimalist version. Sandswirl is pretty Mod looking, isn't it? I haven't ever drawn n'zeppel on a grid before. Though I prefer the random look, this one turned out okay.


  1. I love all of these-especially your variations of "Sandswirl". It's one of my mac 'n cheese patterns but I do it the same way every time. Your last variation is my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration;-)

    1. I made this challenge myself, and good not becomes friends with swarm!!! Your second tile I like the best!!! All these tiles are so different, makes me wonder every time.

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