Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Touch of Red

Good morning to all.

The Diva challenges us this week to use red in our tangle art. At first I was indifferent, without any ideas about what to do, and instead started playing around with a few lines and curves, and came up with this kind of spikey flower vine,
Note the Einstein quote

This is just a page in my sketchbook, on the bottom of which I started tangling. It reminds me of lichen or trumpits, and I like it. Seems like it might make a border, right?

The other pattern there on a grid is Sundy.

So I made it a sort of header for some other tangles...Frickle and Fronds. Then it wanted to come down into the other patterns, which it did.

When I had finished that, I realized...if I color in the spiky flowers in red, this piece would make an entry! In fact, I liked the piece itself as a potential coloring page. But I left it with just the red bits. And didn't like it! oops.

Thing is, I had the "header" separate from the rest of the piece, while other bits of the spike flower thing were wandering around inside the piece, looking much more at home. The border or frame part didn't look like it belonged.

Well I fixed that, and started over, with the right idea in mind.

And this is what I came up with.
this one goes on my cubicle wall at work

I like it better with the spikey flowers all through the other tangles, though the pattern would be a very good border too. So I'm going to be playing with it some more.

Is it too much like trumpits or lichen, for me to claim an original? Because I love it, don't want to "claim" it if there's something out there already.


  1. Very pleasing to look at. I like how it flows. It evokes autumn leaves blowing.

  2. Oh I just love that! The shading is really subtle and perfect. It's a beautiful composition overall. Well done!

  3. Very nice work and beautiful subtile shadows!

  4. Nice that you kept on playing. This is a beautiful composition!

  5. So graceful and serene! I'm glad you shared the process with us, too!

  6. And the olive dilemma is definitely overwhelming!! (When I moved back to the States, I was amazed at how many choices there are in the supermarkets. It's a wonder we ever get anything done!!!)