Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flux on the round

this is a slow tangle week for me, though I have been having LOADS of fun with Skye

pre shading


yes, this is Skye...can you see it? I had so much fun doing this! I thought the shading would be tedious, but I loved doing it.

And this is my entry for Joey's circular flux challenge.

I dribbled some berry juice on a tile, like ages ago, and set it aside. When the challenge from Joey came along, I figured I'd do it on that stained tile. It is Flux and Hollibaugh in purple micron .05, shaded with violet prismacolor, and a few highlights in white gelly roller. It sort of looks like a laurel crown tossed on a wood pile.


  1. omigosh that "Skye" piece is amazing! It's really a fun pattern to do once you get it because it's so satisfying. Your Joey piece is great. I made a cup of super strong instant coffee and set about setting up a bunch of ATC's for this next Joey series;-)

  2. Wow, I agree with Michele, the Skye is amazing. Your coloured Flux Tile is beautiful too.

  3. This are both stunning! The Skye tile is mind-blowing!!! (I'm still doing it in pencil. lol) And the berry stain behind the hollibaugh and flux is beautiful!

  4. WOW! Beautiful work! And I really love the "berry juice" color!

  5. I love your Skye gone mad, it is wonderful. Great Flux tile too, is it a scratch and lick tile?