Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Circle Time

A short post about a double entry

Joey is challenging us these days with circle strings.

last week's challenge was three circles within a circle, and using Socc was our challenge.

Socc is rather a challenge all on its own, and I wasn't in the mood last week, but today I polished one off. Socc...hmmm...

anyway, this is what I came up with for Joey's Challenge 117

Socc all around, with bales inside the smaller circles. After putting lines down, I decided to leave one globe, which would have been even better just smooth without the grid. Oh well.

and this week's challenge was a circle inside a circle, Maryhill not to be used in the smaller circle.

Thumbnail in the center circle, is another pattern that blossoms with shading, so it fits well with Maryhill. The "petals" of Maryhill, I tweaked a little bit, alternating "convex" with "concave" but that didn't come out as noticeable. This was a fun one, as I am PMSing something fierce today and all the repetition did me good.

Oh! almost forgot. I got my copy of Ben Kwok's book Wildlife Designs. In case anyone doesn't know, Ben Kwok creates outlines of various critters, and household items such as high top tennis shoes or old fashioned phones, then puts grids inside. The idea is then to fill up the wild animal with tangles. And color if  you want.

So, this was my first Ben Kwok design, a fox.
This was harder to do than you'd think. I repeatedly referred to the samples in the book, for inspiration. But in the end, I like what I came up with.

pre coloring




  1. Great Joey pieces! I love that Maryhill one and using Thumbnail in the middle was brilliant. That fox is outstanding;-)

  2. Both Joey tiles are beautiful. The Fox is stunning.

  3. Love all the lines! And yes, I noticed the convex, concave. :) Your socc shading reminds me of bundled yarn...I like it!