Thursday, February 2, 2017

all kinds of things

so, I spent a few days catching up with Joey's alphabet challenges.

C is the only letter I've joined at the time, so I did A, B, D, and E this week. Here they are:

I used Arundel in the background, Antique on the cross beam of the A, and A-dalfa. Colored with various hues of red.

the b string is a little harder to was downright invisible before I colored violet in the back of the B-twined.

b has B-twixed, then B-twined in the background, with a big puffy Bales behind everything else. Haven't used Bales much, and I like it a lot kind of puffy and shiny this way.

This was the most fun of all the alphabet pieces. D with Dicso running up the side, and Didada...which really got cool looking when I put color on it and blended "back"

Didada is a neat background pattern that gets downright dimensional with shading. 

 I loved El Prado the minute I saw it, a few months ago. Echo and Eye Wa on the e. I tried to make the e look blocky. It was fun playing with Echo.

It felt like it needed some color, but looking at it now, it would have been better with graphite shading.

Also, tickled to find the diva challenging us to a pardox vs. diva dance challenge, a la' the video that came out this past week. I actually sat with the video on and did a piece just like the one Rick showed, only I threw some Nippa in there along with the Diva Dance.

But I did all this before the Diva's challenge this week, so I decided to make another duo tangle

 The best thing about this was the zen place I got to, doing it. I didn't try to make anything happen, just put the pen in the next place. The repetition of both patterns was so relaxing, and I was really detached from the end result. I simply kept making lines and curves until I was done.

One other Diva challenge, that I did at the time but didn't get around to blogging about it was the Moebius challenge. I made this the first day, and lost it! But now it's found again. I created it on a Z3 tile, sent to me by a fellow Traveling Tangler on FB, Kristen Kostelnik.

I used beelight and Nekton on the moebius strip, and random lavender triangles as a background.

Something exciting: I am exchanging tiles with Stephanie Jennifer in Singapore! can you just imagine...I've never gotten mail from the far east before. Also, Michele Wynne and I are swapping.

I just finished a couple of tiles from Sue Olsen:

Here are the gorgeous tiles she sent. I'm really excited to do the tissue paper transfer/color technique from her FB page. Also Michele has a tutorial about laying color on paper. Both look like fun, and I get to start when my tissue paper arrives by mail. Couldn't find it locally, so...Amazon, eh?

 one, I did while I watched the Mary Tyler Moore special on TV, the day after she passed away. I wish the photo did justice to the luminous quality of the colors. SO wonderful!

This one I finished, from Sue's Ibex start, in the corner. I added Ginili and Venetian, along with some more Ibex in pale blue in the background. Again, the colors in person on this tile are stunning.



  1. I see a very nice Moebius-logo tile and a wonderful Paradox/Divadance tile with a great composition, also these letters are beautiful.
    Unfortunately, I don't know why but I can't see the pictures of your swaps. Maybe next time?
    Kind regards from Belgium

    1. Yeah I think that's because I copy and pasted, rather than saving those pictures to my hard drive and inserting them from there. Now I think I've fixed it.

  2. How amazing is your Paradox/ Diva tile!!!! You should send that one to Rick and Maria. I'm sure they would be so proud.

  3. Like Ria, I had trouble seeing some of your pictures, which is unfortunate, as the ones I can see are stunninng, such lovely work.

  4. Lots of lovely work! I also could only see some of them. love the diva dance/paradox piece!

  5. Wow! so much gorgeous work;-) Your Diva piece is particularly awesome and your finishes to Sue's starters are wonderful. Have fun with that tissue when it comes. I'm pretty addicted to that technique;-)

  6. Wow have you ever been busy! Lovely work.

  7. Wow have you ever been busy! Lovely work.

  8. All of those letters are lovely. Your Diva Dance/Paradox tile makes my brain spin! Fantastic! And, always nice to see Sue show up anywhere. You did her proud, I'm certain!

  9. So much beautiful artwork! I especially love your duotangle tile! I love that your incorporated the Rock n Roll Diva Dance! It's truly beautiful!

  10. The Diva tile is so organic! Well done.

  11. Can I just say Whoa!? It would take me weeks to draw all of these tiles! You continue to amaze me Heidi Sue! Your Diva is stunning!

  12. Lovely tile, but that Diva one is one that I love.

  13. These are all amazing, Heidi. Love your Diva tile and the linework is beautiful. Love the way that the eye travels through it. I really love the Joey's tiles...I need to finish them up too and get them posted because I am WAAAAAY behind. Thanks for sharing all of this with us Heidi. I always love your work!

  14. So many beautiful pieces of work, Heidi! I really like how you used the rock n roll version of diva dance with paradox... the curves complemented by the straight lines is wonderful! I enjoyed seeing all the projects you've been working on. Fantastic!