Thursday, February 23, 2017

Woah! Waybop!

The Diva Challenge this week was to play with Waybop, the new Zentangle (tm) that is so impressive, and SO much fun!

I started the tipple corner at work, thinking it would be a traveling tile, but when I sat down to this challenge, it was the one I grabbed...tipple ended up playing a pretty big role.

the aura was fun, too 

This week's String Thing Challenge looked interesting, too. I liked the string a lot, for some reason. Usually curves are more my thing. Well, I decided to try this one "Lori Byerly Style"... 
She likes to "bigify" things, and every SINGLE thing she creates is striking and unique. Well, I bigified the Flec to start:

A creek with little cairns along the banks

I ended up liking this one a lot. Oh! that's Lori's "Bublz" pattern in the corners. Even though Edgar doesn't turn me on, I managed to include it.

Also keeping me busy this week have been some Traveling Tangles.

I stayed inside Stephanie's border

 Stephanie Jennifer, from Singapore...SINGAPORE!... sent me this sweet start with Dicso and Bales. I finished it off with Footlites, a little bit of shading, some color int he centers of the Dicso flowers. Such fun! Singapore. wow.

Another Stephanie, Stephanie Drewa from Wisconsin, sent this bright colorful tile, and her Blorbs start

I added some more Borbs, and her Butterflyz along the right...and see the one little orange feller there? he broke away from the ribbon. My Cypresses, and then some round bits: Niuroda, Hamail, Proza, and Phicops. Then tipple...seems that Tipple spilling off the edge is a theme with me lately.

Stephanie's Lovely Bold Card

Stephanie and I are going to swap back and forth:
an Opus size tile. I'll start, she'll add to it, and send it back
then I'll do some more! until we are done.
Won't that be fun!

The fun mail from Stephanie was all packed inside a blank card with the cute Citrus, cruffle, and Barberpole in the bottom left corner. I had so much fun finishing this, and can hardly wait for an occasion to give to someone. :) that motif in to the right is called Proza, which I learned around the same time as Waybop. 

So, I found the most adorable bird picture...a Splendid Fairy Wren...and isn't he JUST splendid! Then looking at him, I realized...I can do I did:

I maked something

Wouldn't it be truly splendid to get that brilliant shade of blue on his cheeks?'s still adorable.

And, one last picture. It's an ATC tile, cut from a sheet of watercolor paper that I colored using the tissue paper transfer method...when I had this one in my hand, I just knew it needed Fronds, so that is where I started:

Suzanne Fluhr's Aloha just hollered out to be included, and then Fescu here and there.

Oh, these colored tiles!


  1. I do like your Waybop, completed with some Tipple.

  2. Heidi, I used to get the wrens in my garden before the area became too built up. They are tiny little birds (smaller that a sparrow) with a lovely whistling peep and the whole family hopped round in the undergrowth. Of course, Mrs Wren is just plain brown - very hard to spot - unlike her showy partner. I miss seeing them. Jenny (in Melbourne, Australia)
    PS: love your drawing and your all your tiles. You've been very busy.

  3. Oh Heidi Sue, you have been very busy this week. I love your Traveling tiles, they all look wonderful and it is always a surprise to discover where it is going to end.
    Never seen such a cute beautiful bird, I love it, the picture and the drawing.
    The composition you have made with Waybop and just Tipple is very special and I do like it very much!

  4. Heidi Sue, your tiles are so beautiful :-)

  5. Wow! Lots of lovely work! I can't pick a favorite!

  6. What a lovely collection of work this week! Your traveling tangles are so much fun and different, but I especially love your IAST piece. I'm a fan of Lori's work too and your take on it is spot on and absolutely delightful!

  7. Really nice pieces, HeidiSue. I love how you added tipple from the balancing stones the best. That bird is so pretty. I wonder if white would allow the blue to show through enough to give it the highlights you're after?

  8. The simplicity of the Waybop tile is it's beauty. Perfect illustration of less is more. Love the few little frills forming the simple aura around the pattern.

  9. So many lovely pieces to see here! Especially I like your Way Bob tile with a touch of Tipple! And your blue birdie si really cute!

  10. Wow! So much to see HeidiSue! I love your Waybop with the Tipple! Masterful composition! Fabulous travelling Tangles! My favourite is your little blue fairy wren..... so cute! A delightful Share! Thank you!

  11. Wowhee! You did have a busy week and so much lovely work to show for it. I love how you "bigifyed" Flec and the bird was so cute!