Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Diva and Lovely Family

this has been a fun week for me, because my son who lives in Denver has been in town since Monday night! We've all been hanging out, he's been staying at his sister's new house...who JUST moved in literally the day he got to town. So, with her moving, and her little sister moved into a new place one week before and I helped with that...hahahaha...supervised is more like it, since my knee is out of commission. And at work, moved my desk. I knew it was coming, but didn't know the day it was supposed to happen UNTIL I arrived last Friday.

Long story short: I need a drop shelf for my keyboard, for ergonomic reasons. They uninstalled my drop desk from THIS desk and installed it at my NEW desk during my days off. So when I got to work, I found out: NOW is moving day. And I like my new location, but a day's advance notice would have been nice...

But more about my wonderful kids.

Santa put fake noses in their stockings that year for Christmas. These three are Abbie, Robby, and Katie on Xmas 2010. Robby is the one who now lives in Denver.

but since this picture doesn't include their oldest brother Jason, I have another:

all the hands! hahahaha!

That's Jason wearing orange. Real mature, Jay...and Rob. This was two ish years ago. That's me in the middle with the sideways head.

Yes, we are always generally this goofy when we get together. And now my Robby lives in Denver; Abbie (the dark haired girl on the top layer) is expecting her firstborn in May and just moved to a new house. Katie on the right is head over heels in love and just moved to her first apartment "with" someone. :) Jason has two kids of his own. Yes, I'm a gramma. And the year this one was taken, the oldest was 11. Which means he is now 13. Good grief. How old every else has gotten.

Well, it's been over a year since we've seen Rob, so we've been enjoying his company. He's hanging out with siblings, took me out to lunch on Tuesday which was lovely. Pizza and unpacking the kitchen together at Abbie's last night. And tonight, with even more family, hanging with my mom, and then out to dinner, all of us. Yay! And he drives back tomorrow. Boo.

Now on to the art!

We were challenged to do something Valentiney this week, for the Diva Challenge.
Valentine's Day isn't all that important to me. I found a card for Wylie this year, and made some inchies with hearts on them and put them on a few friends' desks at work. And Wylie got me some earrings which are lovely. Well anyway, I wasn't wanting to do all kinds of hearts and lace and such. And this is what I came up with

Looks sort of heart and lacey after all doesn't it?

Luffline is the main pattern, with a few perfs nestled in there, and floatfest along the edges. Floatfest is one of the first complex patterns I learned. I hadn't encountered Hollibaugh yet, and here I was drawing "behind"...I just loved it and it was fun bringing it to this pattern. The shading is"pen flick" method, using a ball point pen...a REALLY fun technique that I enjoy so much and it looks very cool when you're done.

Still enjoying all the colored tiles, though with all the family activity I haven't had time to make any more or to cut tiles...though I do have lots of starts on colored tiles.

Anyone want to swap? Let me know in the comments and we can arrange addresses, etc. I'll wait a few days before posting on FB.

Meanwhile, I also have a couple of starts that came to me, from two Stephanies! One from Wisconsin, and one from who would have thought when I started tangling three years ago, that I'd be getting mail from Singapore!

I'll share those starts and finishes here, when I'm done.

Haven't gotten to Joey's challenge yet. Maybe today. 


  1. Love your Diva tile! The shading is great! I would swap tiles with you, if you are interested! (katea at mchsi dot com)

  2. Gorgeous work and a gorgeous family! Thanks for sharing this little window into your world. I love your hearts and lace. I've never had much luck with Floatfest, but I love how you used it as an edge. I'm going to have to try that.

  3. Your Diva tile is beautiful. Such detail and consistency in your line work! I also enjoyed your stories about your family.

  4. How nice to be able to spend time with loved ones. I really like your tile, especially the Floatfest that I have not yet used, but will remedy immediately after seeing how pretty it can be.

  5. Lovely tile and a lovely family, you can be proud!

  6. I'm interested in a swap, when you like that, please send me an e-mail:

  7. What a fun family! I adore your tile... the ballpoint pen shading is fabulous! The composition and line art is fantastic as well. Lovely!

  8. Heidi, you are really getting the "pen flicking" shading down beautifully. Your tile is beautiful, as always. And your colorful tiles are amazing, it was so nice to see them in person on Sunday and thank you for sharing. Your family looks wonderfully fun. Your son Rob looks like the spitting image of you....same laughing eyes and smile. Enjoy your time with them.

  9. Love your valentine tile. Really beautiful.

  10. Wonderful Valentangle! Great choice of tangles!

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