Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hamadox, F String, and More!

It's been a fun and busy little while, as I got some color transfer tissue and made some just amazing sheets of stained paper. Made some regular tiles, and colored some opus size papers, and have one piece I'm just in love with

Isn't this one can see where I pressed down on the tissue with my fingers.
an opus piece I may leave it whole

This is one of the opus pieces. I might do more with it, to tone
 down or balance the brilliance.

This one, the colors are muted because it's the second run with the tissue. I really like how the tones get muted when you use the tissue a second and third time.

a third run with the same tissue, plus some new indigo

This is my absolute favorite. I just love the tones, and the marbling effect is just stunning. It's pretty enough to frame, I think. Well, my mom gave me a great idea...take it to a professional printer, where they can make a high quality print...frame THAT, and then use the paper for art. 

Nice, eh?

 The colors on this individual tile were so pretty. This was my first one. That pattern on the right is Helen William's String Rose. I want to play with it some more. It isn't as easy to do as she makes it look !!! but I know with practice it'll get better.

Now, on to the challenges of this week.

the Diva gave us hamadox for a challenge this week. It's a pretty fun pattern but I had a hard time making it part of a tile. It just had to be the star.

Hamadox with Squid and Tipple, on tan toned paper and shaded with brown, red, and dark purple. Some white charcoal pencil.

Joey's alphabet string challenge is up to F which she started for us with Festune...

Festune in the lower corner and I added Fescu, and I put Fang in the F, Fronds at the base of the F, and Fiore. After all that color work, this one needed something so I did the edges of Fiore in pink and yellow. 

And a string thing challenge

It reminds me of looking out a cottage window into a sweet little garden. 

the Traveling Tangles Project on FB has been keeping me pleasantly busy. I've swapped with Michele:

My start to Michele: cypresses by me on an ATC

Michele's start to me: rooster colors and Elven on a regular tile

 My finish on Michele's glorious tile. I had so much fun doing these gems! And sort of wish I hadn't done that Gnarly "rooster tail" but there you have it.

And Michele did this amazing finish on the start that I sent. It's like a little babbling brook with a leafy bank. Love it!


  1. A wonderful collection of tiles! Your swap with Michele is gorgeous! I just added a bunch of the F tangles that you used to my pattern book. Fronds is a fun one that I had forgotten about.

  2. Lots of great work. I feel lucky to get the challenge done. Like all the color that you added to the different tiles. I am doing a class on color next week. May have to make a few changes. I have never used this technique though. I like what you did Hamadox. Like the subtle use of color.

  3. You have been busy! Always love your work. I need to try the tissue paper dyeing.

  4. I saw the traveling tiles already at MIchele's site and they look wonderful.
    I love also your tissue paper results, gorgeous colours and this string rose is already very nice, so are all the tiles, my favorite is the one for I.A.S.T. beautiful colors and so much depth, love it!!!

  5. Wonderful tiles. And thanks for showing your tissue tiles. Must still try it.

  6. Beautiful work! All of it! The colored papers lovely too.

  7. What a lovely collection of tiles! Thanks for sharing your art.

  8. Your tissue paper tiles are so pretty. I agree that Hamadox doesn't need a lot of fuss added. Yours is beautiful. And, I really love those gems you did!

  9. You and your coloured paper! Love it! Terrific Hamadox and colouring! Great Design! Love the way you finished Michele's travelling Tangles! I so enjoy looking at your artwork! There is always something new to see!

  10. Loved everything but the Hamadox tile was really inspiring.

  11. Lovely toned paper and the Hamadox tile is beautiful.

  12. Oh my! You've been VERY busy with FANTASTIC results! Your bleeding tissue paper tiles are very lovely, and I agree with your mom... What a good idea! Your tangled tiles are all wonderful and beautifully drawn.