Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

This might turn out to be a lot of pictures with minimal text, as I am at work and it is busy today. People are in chatty moods.

Which sort of brings up my job, since I mention it here often. It is a call center, but not the usual kind where I answer customer questions and solve problems. What I do for a living is providing captions for telephone conversations. This means I'm not talking TO anyone, but directly repeating word for word, whatever I hear in a phone conversation. It's a wonderful service, but as a job it can be a bit tedious...BUT I rose one rung on the "ladder" and became a mentor, thus earning my own cubicle, so I can decorate it how I want! It has a lot of my tiles and larger pieces on it, along with a growing collection of Traveling Tiles. Makes sitting in front of a computer inside three gray half walls a bit more enjoyable.

Sometimes we have lengthy pauses between calls (our idles) where I can settle in and tangle, or read, or watch something pleasant on Netflix. And...most times...our idles are quite short, and today idles are short AND people want to have nice long visits.

So now that I've loaded this with a LOT of text, here are some pictures

the diva has a duo tangle for us this week: Molygon vs Marasu

I was trying to make the Marasu stripes with Molygon sections...and until I shaded it, I wasn't that impressed...LOVE SHADING!

Now, for Joey's challenge, I have a special treat:

Ria Matheussen and I exchanged tiles, and this is just part of what she sent me...from Belgium! I just LOVE traveling tangles! I'm getting mail from so many wonderful places...SO cool.

so, this was her start sent to me. From Belgium.

Do you see that Icanthis? Hmmm?

I decided to make Ria's wonderful green start into my tile for Joey's I challenge...and boy did I have fun! Does it look like glass? The i? hahahaha a glass i! oh my goodness, I'm giddy. Lack of sleep.

Ria also sent me a couple of 3Z tiles, and this is how I finished one:

I decided to go symmetrical with it and ended up liking it a LOT. I've not been overly fond of the triangles, but this one was fun to do! Thank you, Ria for so much fun stuff!

Another tangler I swapped with this week was Kate Ahrens
You can see the wonderful tiles she sent me at her blog. BUT you can also see things here

Fun Mail from Lady Kate! Oooh I just love the depth and richness of these colors!
a little blue Bijou

Don't you just love the straight border on this? I know it has a name...

and this is how I finished:

I thought Star Map seemed the perfect counter to the (I can't remember the name of the little circle spikey tangle, though I've actually used it) and some Aaah's in white gel pen.

The photo doesn't do justice to the wonderful blue of this tile. I have another bijou in red, started by Raye Burnett in my very first TT swap...this one will go right next to Raye's on my cubicle wall :) getting quite a collection going!

A start for Aleesha in Thailand:

Aleesha wanted to swap circles, so using my compass, I created a couple of circles. One of them, I filled with gems...this one, I started and have it in an envelope ready to go to...THAILAND!?

wow...I'm so excited to be getting mail from all these very cool places on the earth. Can't hardly wait to receive fun mail from Aleesha! ha!

And, to finish up, a few pieces that I've been busy with...some finished up a while ago, some just this past week:

Grapes in the Weirdness

The color combination on this one wasn't
appealing, so I tangled on it. It still wasn't
that wonderful, but again, with shading! 

Onomato into the Center

Planet Jumble

This little  brownish one had more color appeal and there was enough circular stuff on there naturally, I just went with it.

and the blue "warp drive" started out as a tile marked for Zendala, with lots of lines radiating out from the center. With a bunch of concentric circles, it would have been set up for something more traditionally mandala-esque. As it was, I decided to run with Onomato, and WOW!


  1. You've been sooo productive with all your lovely art pieces! I adore them all! I really like how your shading made the marasu so dimensional! It's lovely with the molygon fill inside. Beautifully done! It was also fun to read about your job. Congratulations on the promotion!

  2. Wow! So much lovely eye candy today;-) I love that Diva piece. I'm still surprised by what a difference shading makes. The depth and dimension you've created is remarkable. All of your TT's are FAB!!!

  3. Such a delightful array of pretties! My favorite is the challenge tile. It looks so plump like it could roll right off the tile!

  4. You have been very busy this week. Combining such a wonderful job, a family and so many beautiful tiles that is great.
    I love your Divatile and all your travelingtiles are gorgeous. It is always a nice surprise what others do with your starts. You have created georgeous results, thank you very much. I'm still waiting for your starter but I will send you a mail when I will received yours.
    I wish you a nice sunday and a happy week!!! Kind regards from Belgium.

  5. you are so diligent... I love the coloured tangles :)

  6. WOW! So many wonderful tiles! My favorites are the Diva's tile and the traveling tile. Amazing!

  7. While I often struggle, your tiles seem to be drawn so effortlessly, and you certainly DO know how to use color. Fantastic idea on the transparent "I" and as for the straight border: I love it too. If nobody claims it, it is yours.
    Now you 'know' two tangler in Thailand.

  8. Thank you ever so much for visiting my blog with those very nice comments. And you were "dead" on with your interpretation of what I drew. Comets. Exactly right. Now, your Diva challenge tile is excellently done. Looks like Molygon took over Marasu BUT, you can see both tangles in the one. I really like your depth with the shading. Very nicely done.

  9. Love the Molygon Marasu! Fun way to finish the blue bijou traverler... The little circle spiky pattern is Widgets, step-outs are on Can't wait to see how you finish the others. I haven't started yours yet as they came just as I was going out of town and I always have to ponder them a bit first! Thanks for trading!

  10. lovely tiles. I like the Diva one a lot.