Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moow it and swap it and play with it

sorry about the vast spaces between things on this post! I don't know how to fix it. EDIT: i fixed it! Suzanne's suggestion of reformatting in word did the trick1 yay!
It has been kind of a "me getting noticed" couple of weeks.  
First of all, my duo tangle from the paradox/diva dance challenge a couple of weeks ago. I did email that to Rick and Maria, and they included it in the most recent newsletter! how's that! 
And, earlier in the month, my pattern Torsdag was published on tanglepatterns.com.  
I've been having fun and staying nicely busy with the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook. It is SO EVERLOVIN COOL to send and receive mail from so many corners of the world! 

 Ria Mattheusen from Belgium sent me the Z3 tile with a "rays" string, and this is how I finished it.  
I sent it to another swap partner on swap-bot 
 I really love the black and white of this one, how fronds is so wavy and elegant against the rays and circles of concert  ... it was fun coloring it in, but now I want some more 3z tiles to do several variations on this fronds/concert theme. FUN! 

I put a lovely panel of black and white  
from Ria on a wall near some of my art 
 Kate Ahrens sent this cool My Swing on a blue and red spatter tile. 
I finished it with Navaho and some shading and highlighting.  

Anne Marks from Australia finished one I sent her 
  This classic black and white went to Australia with just Mr E in the corner, and Anne Marks finished it SO boldly and interestingly!
This one went out to Aleesha in Thailand 
 This was one of the rounds that I cut from my first batch of colored paper, done with the tissue transfer method that I am SO addicted to.  
It went to Thailand and I can't wait to see on FB what Aleesha makes of it.  
And, here is a color technique that I think turns out pretty cool looking gray/brown/multi 
I started with red violet across a whole tile 
Then across that with a turquoise 
When I added yellow...watch out! SO gorgeous! 
 And I decided to put the IAST 189 on this tile: 

 I call this piece "In the Night Jungle" 
Patience, Aura Leah, and CO2 on a rounded string, shaded with violet. 
BTW I used a fine line sharpie for the ink on this. Microns would have surely clogged.
Ooh! another project that I finally finished just today. 


 This is my daughter and her husband, a selfie they took while in Ireland. I created the mat just ages ago, with a compass for the circle. That is ribbon feather around the circle, with meeko on the second layer out. Then I just filled all the corners with some things I've discovered while looking into etching. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It is a housewarming gift...and with their baby coming in May, I think I'll do a repeat, with a theme surrounding the baby's name: Orion.  
 Noom is a fun tangle. I'm glad they finally published it, because I've been trying to figure it out since the first time I saw it earlier this year. I put spirals in the bottom layer of Noom, then added some swirly black aura-ey swirls. Umble in there, another curve of Noom with lots of auras underneath, and tightly packed fescu across the top.  
It sort of reminds me of a sea creature rising up out of the waves.  

 I saw Crazy Huggins...I think it was on zentangle.com? anyway, I spent an evening filling up a page with it...fun! 
and then I thought wouldn't it look neat to fill it up with another monotangle? 

 Not sure what the "interior" tangle is. Something curlicue with spirals and fescues at the end. :) I like it.  
This is actually a cool idea, putting one pattern all over the page, then filling it with another pattern, spilling over the lines and following thru with the second pattern as if the first pattern weren't there.  
I'll play with that some more.  
Now, with two days off from work coming up, I'll have lots of time to play with the starts that I've received from Michele Wynne, Stephanie Drewa,  
Kat van Rooyens, and who knows what I'll find in my mailbox tomorrow! 
 Thank you for commenting. I love comments. They make me happy! 


  1. Love Night Jungle and thank you for all the inspiration! 😃

  2. I am amazed at your production! And, it's not just "production", you work is beautiful and sophisticated. I need to google that tissue paper transfer technique. I haven't found a way to add color to tiles that doesn't then transfer onto my pen tips which ruins them. It makes me crazy when my blog seems to start having a formatting problem I don't know how to fix, but I have learned that I can google just about any question and find an answer. Of course, if it's too technical, I might still not be able to fix the problem. I wonder if you can copy and paste your post into a Word document and delete all the spaces you don't want. You could also try to go into the HTML to see if you see anything glaringly amiss there. Have a good week.

    1. thanks Suzanne! I fixed the formatting with your suggestion of tweaking it on Word! As for the color transfer technique, you can find it on Michele's blog. Spectrum/bleeding tissue paper, water, and a blow dryer. As for my colored pencil layering, I used a sharpie, not my micron pens, on that one. I should have mentioned that.

  3. You've been very busy and your drawings are all very beautiful and inspiring - thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Indeed, you have been busy but you did a great job. I like your work very much.
    I love the result on the 3Z tile.
    Your DIva tile is absolutely wonderful and I'm fond of those tangles around your daughter's picture: beautiful.
    I see that you are experimentate with colors, me too, love that very much and you become surprising results.
    Traveling tiles is always nice and I' m glad your did that experience with me! Kind regards from Belgium.

  5. Wow! There's so much amazing work here. You've been one busy lady;-) I love your Noom. Those Fescu waves (well, all the patterns) give it such cool movement. I lovelovelove me some Crazy Huggins filled with swirly bits;-)

  6. You have been very busy doing beautiful work. I like the Noom tile.

  7. I agree with everyone, you have been busy and these are all beautiful! Very nice.

  8. Very beautiful tile with Noom, very dynamic !

  9. So many delightful things to look at here! Love the colors, and I like the way you did Noom. Pretty frame for your daughter and her husband!

  10. Whew! Someone's on a roll! So much beauty in one post! Congratulations on your much deserved recognition! I must try the colored pencil technique!