Monday, January 26, 2015

give me a hand

What a cool challenge from Joey...using a hand outline as a string, tangle away! Which is just exactly what i did, enjoying every minute of it. So. Much. Fun! thanks, joey.

I would like to list as many patterns as I can, starting with the pinky and working my way over to the thumb, ending in the palm.

Flux, nipa, fescu, and mooka on the pinky.
The ring finger is full of growth (which I found in The Joy of Zentangle book).
Meer on the middle finger, and my own Concert on the tip.
The pointer finger has queen's crown radiating from the tip, printemps, poke leaf, and there is a pozer on the knuckle.
Between the pointer and thumb, I put three oolo (a new favorite that I just love!)
Thumb: the tip has thumbprint and another oolo on the knuckle.
In the palm/back of my hand area are flord, henna drum, leaflet, tagh variation, knight's bridge.
The wrist has some orbs, a couple lines of something isochor-ish, and a shiny ribbony thing.

This was a lot of fun, because of all the room for so much variety! Can hardly wait to see what others have done.

For fun, I Googled "the space between forefinger and thumb" and found that it is called the purlicue. Isn't that a cute word! I want to use it in a sentence. There is a medical/anatomical term for it too: the thenar space. But purlicue is MUCH better.

Which is readily evident when used in sentences:
I filled my purlicue with  lacy stars.  or...
I filled my thenar space with lacy stars.

wait...stars and thenar space actually go together really well! ha! Purlicue is a quaint word. Thenar space sounds so techno and scientific. They are both good.

and that's that! Told you I had fun with this one.


  1. You had way too much fun, thanks for the tidbit on thenar and purlicue. Great tangle of your hand like the areas that extend off into the white space.

  2. wow.. i love it.. i specially like the fact that u have filled spaces between your fingers

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