Wednesday, January 28, 2015

U too?

SuzyMosh has a very fun challenge, That's New To Me, where we are challenged to find patterns that we are not familiar with or haven't used before. This week it is the letter U. I had a lot of fun with it, and ended up with this:

an ancient bridge, a weeping tree

I found Uni and Unyun on I love how they lend themselves to a drifty, leafy, weeping willow effect. It needed N'zeppel, which I thought would look like a walkway or floor, but it looks like a bridge. Then printemps came along naturally.

I had finished putting the tipple and shading and perfs (?) and was clicking around online, when I serendipitously found Uncorked on Adele Bruno's site Tickled to Tangle (where It's a String Thing is housed) It was just too much: a U pattern not in, that just happened along when I was looking for U patterns for a challenge!

So I threw them in, like shiny aloe vera plants on the edge of the bridge.

Also used a little bit of flux and cabu (not sure of the name) as embellishments on the top left corner. It is a pleasing piece that I liked making, and fun to look at.


  1. That looks very nice! I like the way you used unyun that was also new to me. And what a fun that you just found Uncorked when you needed U-patterns ;-)
    Really great work!

  2. I see the bridge. You used so many great patterns in this! Thank you for taking part in the challenge!

  3. A beautiful tile. Thank you for sharing your thought process in creating this tile.

  4. Fabulous job with Unyun - you are so flexible in the way you used it!! I love that (I used it too) - had to go look Uni (never heard of it) - great job all around!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Wow, HeidiSue. This is an awesome Tile. I love the patterns you are using. Uni, Uncorked, and Cabu are awesome new patterns to me. They are all instant favorites. Your N'zepel is gorgeous. Terrific highlighting and shading. Beautiful.

  6. I love the tile.. looks like small floral garden out there over a small bridge...

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