Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's New to Me

SuzyMosh has a weekly challenge that I really like: using patterns we are unfamiliar with, starting with a certain letter. It's the That's New to Me challenge. This week the letter is C. I found all my patterns on tanglepatterns.com which is a wonderful resource that I find myself going to every day.

I found a pattern I've never done before: cabana. It's cool because it has a 3-D effect, and can be made in straight lines, or inside of curved lines. I played with it quite a bit:

cabana on a curve
it looks so architectural

When I had played with cabana a while, something just came along under my pen. It has its roots in cabana, to be sure, but making everything curvy puts a very organic look to it.

See, to the right. It looks like a leaf or a rib cage. Organic. Of course, that smoke stack looking thing is pretty cool, too.


And here is the piece I ended up creating for the challenge. I used Camellia, Chard, Cabana, (cabana split leaf...is that what I'll call it?) and Chainlette.

I like how the split leaf looking thing is over the chainlette. 

Chard is another pattern I'd like to play with. it reminds me of origami, especially once the shading is added. Camellia is such an active pattern, makes the eye move, when you have a lot of it together.

This was a fun challenge. All new patterns, and one variation that might be a new pattern of its own!


  1. I can see you had a lot of fun on this drawing! I have so many new C patterns that I want to try. Maybe we'll get another random c...Anything is possible. thank you so much for taking part in the challenge!

  2. Cabana looks interesting. Your second picture looks metallic and it reminds me of an alien or robot vertebrae, or of multiple inverted Mercedes Benz signs. I'll have to try it too.

  3. Very nice variation to the cabana pattern! I like your way to play with the pattern. Nice tile in the end :-)

  4. This is a wonderful Post, Heidi. Cabana is a new pattern for me as well. I very much like your variations, and the Tile that you have created. The "Split Leaf looking thing," is awesome. You inspired me to draw some of your tangleations. They are great and deserve further study. Well done.

  5. looks great. Also your tangelations are inspiring

  6. What a lot of C's - it looks great and the others are lovely too!!

    ~ Diane Clancy