Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Combined Challenges: Joey, Diva, and Suzymosh

Some good challenges this week.

SuzyMosh's random chooser chose Z, which we have done so there is also a guest artist, Livia Chua who has several tangles on while the diva has brought us Munchin, a rather dramatic pattern that is fun and relaxing to draw. I hope the diva didn't want a monotangle because...that is NOT what I did.

One tile got it all done.
The Love Train

 Using a brown tile and sepia 01 micron pen, I  started with munchin last night at work during free time, then started again this morning. That's when I decided to go with tangles from the Mosh challengs. I chose Zin for my Z tagnle, and Hearty by Livia Chua.

The Zin is like a railroad trestle, with Hearty the train? and Munchin everywhere...maybe the rhythm of the train over the tracks?

As always, my favorite part is the white highlights. Every tile should be toned, so white highlights can be used.

At Joey's we are up to S in our monotangle challenges: Striping! Very cool and dimensional when it's finished. 

I chose a bijou tile (mostly to save on ink) and String 103  because...Spiral!

I like the way the string holds its shape with this pattern. Adding the gleam makes a big difference.


  1. Gorgeous! That toned tile is great and I love the bijou.

  2. Doh! I am so dense. I did string 103 on Adele Bruno's it's a string thing and it never occurred to me that it was a spiral! Of course it is! It looks great with striping.

  3. Two very different tiles but both excellent. I love the Striping one, it's so 3D.

  4. Excellent tile. I agree with the white highlights. They really do add to the beauty on a toned tile.

  5. Pretty tiles! I hardly ever work on a toned tile, but because of these beautiful white highlights, I think I should do so too.

  6. Both are beautiful! The white highlights in the first one are great!

  7. Nice work! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  8. Very clever to tangle one tile for three challenges ;-) I like your tile very much - the composition of the patterns is wonderful and the white highlights are great. Beautiful work :-)

  9. Love that you combined challenges and the little bijou is sweet! Great work!

  10. Love your tiles and your comments!

  11. Great use of the white highlights.

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