Saturday, October 10, 2015


A few months ago I watched a documentary on Netflix, about the chef who invented that yummy spicy dish Genera Tso's Chicken, famous in Chinese restaurants.

Evidently there is a person who collects Chinese restaurant menus, and one of the menus had this cool circular design on it. It sort of reminded me of the flower of life, with overlapping circles that created the petals in their overlaps.

So this is Tso, a pattern I developed to try and capture that little flower on that menu in that documentary

 Start with a circle.

Place three circles at equal points around the center.

Place three circles overlapping between existing circles.

Draw a line from point to point where the circles overlap.

Shade. Dots?


And here Tso is, in a ZIA.

I was playing with Zenith really, but flowery, viney things started making their appearances. Some Pixioze, some LoLo, some Tso, and Bublz.

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