Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Try TriBee

Oh my goodness, what a fun pattern the diva has challenged us with this week!

TriBee by Beate Winkler is SO much fun to play with! It has a very leafy look that can be a border or a swag, or fill up a space.

I played with it a bit, and my random doodle play time turned into my entry for the challenge.

I think TriBee will be a fun one to make Christmasy. Can you imagine a wreath made of it? The little clumps of leaves with the dotted line are Dicso, which looks just like poinsettia when you bundle it, so because TriBee was looking like Christmas, I tucked in several posies of Dicso.

Behind everything, I drew a highly simplified flord to ground things. I will be using TriBee and Dicso for Christmas cards this year. Fun!

Now, I also wanted to show off a piece I like a lot. Recently I colored a bunch of tiles with my Derwent water color pencils, and some of them look so flowery, I did them up with varieties of petals and centers

This is my favorite.

I did some more tiles colored in this palette, and plan on making a gift to my sis in law, four tiles similar to that last one, with the petals sort of rising up out of the background.

This is another colored tile I made when hamail was on my mind:

A cool color palette, blue and green. Hamail at the center, and my own concert radiating out. I really like this one, and have it on the wall of my cubicle at work.

And last but not least, some play time after I got Helen Williams' e-book "Three Simple Rules" about relaxing!

 These are in my large sketchbook. An easy pattern to fill up lots of space, and truly relaxing to  draw.
This would be fun in a wreath, too.


Something I thought of today, when I saw on FB a friend who was announcing NaNoWriMo

(National Novel Writing Month)

NaNoWriMo is the idea that you can rattle off a 50,000 word novella in one month (November). I gave it a go several years ago, but got stumped by my inner critic, and didn't finish.

However, with zentangle every day, I've given up the old perfectionism, and have seen my creativity increase dramatically. I'm much more accepting of my own work, and not nearly as worried about making a mistake as I have always been.

I wonder how that will bear, if I go for NaNoWriMo again this year. Will I be able to forge past the inner critic and keep writing even if it isn't perfect? It would be fun to find out, I think.


  1. GO FOR IT! We all want to read what you write.

    The tiles are just scrumptious.

  2. Lots of beautiful work. I especially like the blue and green one.

  3. All tiles are beautiful! . So fantastic flowers!

  4. So many wonderful work to see here! Beautifully done!

  5. Lots of nice work. Like the Tri-bee tile. Looks like floral arrangements.

  6. I like the NaNoWriMo idea, but I suspect I would give up half way through. Your drawing this week is spectacular and you have reminded me that I bought a Helen Williams book and haven't downloaded it. Hmmmmm.

  7. You do beautiful work. Hopefully, Zentangle has encouraged you to just enjoy the process. You don't have to be published to be successful :)

  8. HeidiSue, love the tale of your writing and inner critic and maybe zentangle will help that - I bet you are right. Hopefully I think it has helped me too!! Your Diva is so very cool and I think you are right about Christmas!! Your flowers on your new colored paper are lovely - I especially like #2 :) :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  9. I love your Derwent pencil tiles,they are so cheery. How many words do you write on your blogs, would you achieve your quota counting your posts? It would be a great challenge

  10. Love your Diva challenge and your color tile work. Putting the color down first is a nice technique. The sketchbook work is really beautiful too. We were just talking in my weekend class about relaxing tangles. Amazing week! Start the novella!