Saturday, October 10, 2015


When I was playing around one day, creating Mezzanine,  and doing a lot of spirals, I discovered how cool it looks with Tropicana arcs inside a spiral.

I'm still not convinced on the name for this one, but I'm calling it Nugget for now.

 Draw a loose spiral

Aura it (I like to make my aura a little wobbly)

Starting at the open end, create arcs all the way in

Weight lines wherever they connect.

Shade and embellish.

 experimenting with warm and cool. I used black and sepia pen, then tried shading with either 50% French gray which is warm, or 50% cool gray, which

There is something pleasing about the Sepia with cool gray, but all of them turned out neat looking.

This is one of my favorite pieces. I carried on with the warm and cool, using cool gray and slate gray for my cool shading, and french gray for my warm.

I love how my spirally "nuggets" look, and with Lealad behind it, and some light spirals in various grays...I just really like it.

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