Friday, October 23, 2015

Diva Challenge: The Seasonal Edition

This week, I finished a few more tiles in the "emergent flower" theme. Like the flower is slowly rising up out of the paper and filling up the color with its shapes.

While garden mums ARE autumnal, these tiles have no tangle patterns on them at all, so I decided to do a piece using leafy, seedy, blowy, swirly tangles.

I started in the middle, with Prestwood, and I've been in a "frond" sort of mood, so those were next, on top. In the spaces between my fronds, Fricle! That's an old favorite that I haven't got out in a while.

In the Fall, the ground gets scattered with leaves and other detritus, so I made a drift of Widgets, Podz, PeaFea, and my own Flysh.     A few sparkles, a few single seeds. Then Diva Dance, flowing and blowing, and a line of Flux along the edge. There needed to be some leaves fluttering down, so I did a few single flux leaves there, with Rain Dotty. An aura. Then Umble and some more Fricle. Oh, and up top, some energy swooshes along with those spiraly things.

Then I colored it. And that is my Autumn Inspired ZIA.

A comment about my new mediumish sketchpad.

My favorite sketchpad has been the Canson 5.5x8 spiral bound 100 sheets, 65 lb. Small enough to be portable, with a decent paper and not too expensive. And I have bought them at Michael's up until lately...Michael's seems to have dropped that item completely. And, as a matter of fact, they don't have gray toned sketchbooks either, which I wanted.

Well, I found a sketchbook by Canson, just a noodge bigger at 7x10, and the paper is 98 lb multi media and OH BABAY, do I like this paper! What a difference the heavier weight makes. The size isn't the most convenient, but truly, the paper is luscious. And Canson is committed to sustainable paper making practices, which makes me happy.

Check out their site here.  and click around. I'm actually pretty impressed.


  1. Beautiful Zia this week and I do so love seeing Widgets used, and you have some great variations. :)

  2. That's a pretty complex response to the Diva's seasonal challenge. I really like the subtle color you introduced. I went and checked out your Flysh. I'll have to add it to my repertoire. It reminds me of a stylized trilobite. (Or else my brain is fossilized---a distinct possibility.) Thanks for sharing the paper info.

  3. HeidiSue, I love your flowers - they are so gorgeous. Your autumn scene is wonderful!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Such pretty flowers! Looks like you made a set of coasters :) I like all the fun pieces falling in your second tile.

  5. Your autumn zia is very beautiful; I like the falling tangles a lot. Your other tiles are also lovely.

  6. The flower tiles are simple and very pretty, a good combination in my eye. The autumnal one is amazing and it has some patterns I haven't tried, like Prestwood, Pea Fea, Podz and Flysh. I've added them to my To Do list. Overall, this is definitely NOT a simple tile and you really get the feel of the wind blowing the plants about. I like it a lot.

  7. Your autumnal ZIA is especially enticing! So many new tangles for me! And your flower tiles are lovely, too!