Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diva Challenge 203: Athitzi

Okay, this pattern is SO versatile. Peeking at other peoples' entries, I am amazed at how it can be used.The author of the pattern, Eleanor Holt, has a sample on her blog that is stunning to look at. The simplicity, with just the right shading, is stunning!

The Diva's sample follows Eleanor, but also explores other ways to use Athitzi. And everyone looks to be having a LOT of fun with it!

This challenge comes my way, as I am at the beginning of an exploration of mandalas. Those spirally athitzi's just called my name and became the center of my mandala. I also put some athitzi in zig zag, on another round.                                                                         

 In the original, the eye is drawn around and around by the colored orbs. I shaded the athitzi with gray colored pencil, which is maybe more subtle than I want. A few leaf shapes, with some queen's crown making a sort of doily effect.

After reading a piece on using the good stuff  I made a decision to break out my moleskine notebook, and because I am exploring mandalas right now, that is what the moleskine book will be used for. The cool thing about it is, I can "use my good stuff" every day for a while, or not touch it for a few, if I want. Because the moleskine will be a mandala centric notebook, I will choose other places for other tangle play.

Here is the first mandala I created, after seeing the technique on a video we have posted on our website Intermountain Tanglers  in the "resources" tab, under videos. It is the fourth video down, titled "CZT Marketing retreat" ...in that video CZT Sandhya Manne from India shares a technique for putting concentric circles on a tile, which can then be easily made into a mandala. That inspired me to start exploring mandalas, and this is the first one I created:

Four Corners Mandala

What really made this one pop was adding all the lines and aura'ed circles on the outermost edge. Makes it look radiant and energetic.

It's gonna be fun, doing mandalas and exploring athitzi. That is a very versatile pattern!


  1. Two great tiles! Now I am off to explore the other things you talked about in your post. Thanks!

  2. I applaud you, HeidiSue, for exploring Zendalas, which to me are like a Post Graduate study in the Zentangle art world. You are doing fantastic. You used Athitzi beautifully. Love your use of color and Patterns chosen. Fill that Moleskin notebook...

  3. Very lovely, HeidiSue. I've only tried a couple of freehand Zendalas and loved doing them but they do make me a bit nervous, don't know why. I do like how you've done yours though and I think I am feeling inspired to give it another go! Axxx

  4. So pretty zendalas! Very nicely done!

  5. Very beautiful work! Love the colors.

  6. Very nice lines - the background is so even it looks like a lace doily. Your colors are bright and fresh. Really nice zentangles, both of them. And thanks for sharing "Using the good stuff"...we're all guilty of keeping "The best" for later, for others,for sometime soon. Someone once told me to go around the house and choose 5 things a week that no longer make me happy. At the end of the month, all those things go to charity and I should then buy one thing to replace them all that makes my heart sing. Love the thought...haven't done it yet...good for you for using your moleskin with all your new, beautiful Zendalas!

    1. oh my goodness, I love that idea: eliminating the things that no longer delight me, and finding one thing that is sheer joy to me. Wonderful!

  7. HeidiSue, lovely job with this tangle :) :) Ah yes, saving the good stuff - guess I am normal after all :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  8. Lovely post, and terrific Zendala's. Love the subtle colour and movement you've achieved in the first one. (Have you looked at Erin's Zendala templates and weekly challenge at www.thebrightowl.blogspot.com? - she's been away for a while, but is just back and I'm so happy, because I love Zendala's!)

  9. Lots of good thought to ponder in your post this week. I'm glad you are using your good book for Zendalas. You have made a wonderful start. Enjoy!

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