Thursday, February 5, 2015

hearts galore!

Joey's challenge this week is to create a tile using patterns that being with the word heart. Playing around with this one, I learned a new pattern to me: Heartline, by Helen Williams. I just love it, and practiced it a lot, enjoying every minute.

So why did I have such a hard time with this one? I did several "practice" pieces, playing around with different combinations of different patterns and wasn't happy with any of them. And finally this morning I got out a tile I had colored with watercolor pencils, and tangled on it.

 The patterns are Heartline, Heartvin, and Heartstrings. I put some fescu in, and a bit of beadlines. It still doesn't feel like it has much flow, but I like the color, and the patterns are all fun.

my favorite part is the little pink heart


  1. You've selected three terrific Heart Patterns for your "Heart" challenge. It is so fun to let new patterns run free and explore their form and shape. You've created a beautiful Tile using them and your background color brings a lot of warmth to your Tile. Love the shape of your Tile. Love your creativity and enthusiasm for this artform.

  2. That is so pretty! I love the watercolor wash. I'm gonna try that today. Thank you for the inspiration=)