Thursday, February 19, 2015

That's New To Me: the S version

Suzy Mosh continues with her fun challenge. It is growing pretty nicely. I like it that each week there are many participants. The idea is to choose patterns that we have never used before, and she assigns a letter. This week it is the Letter S.

There were a few S patterns that I played around with, but one just captured my heart. It will be a favorite, and used often, I know it: Shnek

Once again, this one came along when I was clicking around randomly, probably on pinterest, not really searching for S patterns...but there it was.

I played with it a bit and found out that you can change the look of it, depending on where you connect the next round

if you connect at the round, it looks like a little ball.

if  you connect near where the last round "ended" there is a concave effect, so each part looks sort of sunken in.

This pattern is so wonderful for edges, and I can just picture it in a "garden" tile, as caterpillars. Making it actually is very similar to flux, because you are making loops, and coming back to connect.

Here is a piece I made yesterday. Hollibaugh was on my mind, so I drew some, and I let it set a bit, until inspiration struck:

It looks like a pie

Shnek on the round. Pretty cool looking.

Another pattern that struck my fancy for this challenge was Sindoo by Sharon Robinson
This was a tough one to do right, and I haven't yet made it as lovely as demonstrated on, but it's a terrific pattern for a grid with delicacy and elegance.

There is a lot of scope for variation in this pattern. Depending on what gets filled in, how you shade it, what shape you fill.

And this is the tile I created.

It is string #80 which I found at Adele Bruno's site, the current string thing challenge

it's like a centipede
Sindoo on a long curve, with shnek along the edges, some fescu...I think it looks like a very frilly centipede, or maybe one of those spanish scarf sea creatures you sometimes see in nature shows. It has a lot of movement that I like.

And one element of sindoo in the corner. A little bit of shading. And voila!My entry in the challenge


  1. I will have to try shnek. It looks really cool the way you played with it. Love your tile. :)

  2. I like your tile1 Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  3. I like your tile and will have to try shnek.