Thursday, February 26, 2015

N-ee way You Want it.

Suzy Mosh's challenge this week is to use a tangle starting with N.

There is one N tangle that I found a couple of weeks ago, that I love and played with and used in quite a few ZIA's and tiles. That is Niuroda by Tina Akua-Hunziker. I just love how textured it is, and how much "feel" it has once it is shaded.

niuroda, fishnet, lokomotic, pokeleaf, concert, circfleur, nipa, b'tweed
Here Niuroda stars in the upper corner. SUCH a cool pattern.

But in the true spirit of Suzy's challenge, Niuroda can't be the N tangle I use, because I love it so much and am using it a lot these days. I had to find a different N tangle that I've never used before.

And I did. It is called NuWave, found on Because I'm currently working in a section of the book "One Zentangle a Day" that deals with using colored tiles and experimenting with highlights and shading on bold colored paper, I chose a colored tile. I used a pen by Recollections TM (they specialize in scrapbooking stuff) White charcoal pencil for the highlights, and gray graphite for the shading. I used String #1 for my string.
a day at home
It does have Niuroda in it. Also Hibred in the lower left, and flux. In the upper left corner is a fun little thing called a grid seed. The idea of grid seeds is to make the same little design over and over again in a grid. has a page about it, with loads of ideas. This one is grid seed F1 and is absolutely stunning with shading and highlighting.

The new N pattern that I've never used before is called NuWave, and it is the upper right tangle. Again, the shading and highlighting makes is so special, like it is lifting off the page.

The tile as a whole sort of reminds me of a morning at home, baking. Don't ask me why. Like, a day off and it happens to be dreary out so you stay home and make pies and breads.


  1. Both tiles look great! Thanks for taking part in the challenge this week!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love the way you drew niuroda! It is spinning right off the page!

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