Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Polka Dots

Joey's Challenge this week was to use circles, and fill the circles with tangles, no repeats.

Just so happens, I have a circle template with lots of sizes, so I traced several on a page of my sketchbook. But that template doesn't have anything really small, so I went searching. I fund a round pin in my jewelry box (some kind of an award that a kid won, somewhere) and put a few smaller circles in there.

Then it was time to go to work, so I packed my bags and went. Thankfully, the first half of my shift was slow-ish so I had time to play.
I wanted to shade things so some of the circles were like holes, with depth "under" the page, and some of them should be rounded, so they looked like they were sitting "on" the page.

Pretty cool stuff, if I do say so myself.

Patterns from top left going widdershins:
nipa over flord
mumsy and bula
hollibaugh with ripples and tipple
macdee with floatfest
itsy bitsy
and that is dyon in the middle top

I've seen b'tweed done like a dream catcher before, and have tried it. That technique would be a fun one to work on.
This is my second or third try at it. Not *too* bad, but it would be something to perfect, that's for sure.

Nipa is one of my favorite patterns. It can look like a crick in a meadow, or like planets spinning in a solar flow.
Trentwith, dyon, and phicops are "on" the paper

 Here I have it flowing over a bed of flord. I think the "under the paper" effect is really good

This was a fun and simple challenge.
I like what I ended up with. Thanks, joey!


  1. Wow, HeidiSue. You created a great response Tile to this "Circle" challenge. Love your pattern selections. Terrific shading adding wonderful depth to this piece. Well Done.

  2. You certainly achived your goal. Wonderful shading. It really feels like I could reach into some of your circles. Great job!

  3. You're used great (and many) patterns for your polka dots!

  4. love your dream catcher idea :)

  5. Good tile. I like your Macdee with Floatfest