Wednesday, February 4, 2015


That's New to Me, from SuzyMosh this week involves choosing patterns that begin with M.

I started playing with M patterns as soon as I saw the challenge on Suzy's page on Sunday, but didn't get around to making a tile until this morning, and what I ended up with turns out to be almost my favorite piece. It is the first time I feel really good about color, too. For some reason, color makes me nervous.

anyway, here it is.

Tropical Paradise
Mumsy is the star, with maisie waves and meringue leaves. The colors are Progresso woodless colored pencils. HINT: the white pencil is wonderful for moving the color around. A standard stump doesn't work to blend these pencils. The white pencil is a finisher, more than a blender, but I can see the difference (took the photo before I finished the colors).

The tile is standard card stock, and the pen is a Sakura micron .01.


  1. Very pretty tile! Your patterns really mix well with eachother. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  2. Wow! This tropical look was just what I needed to give me some warmth :-)

  3. Very nice combination of the M-patterns and beautiful colour! Wonderful :-)

  4. This is AMAZING!! I love it so much!! Great M's :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. A wonderful Tile, HeidiSue. I like everything about it. Wonderful Patterns, I'm really taken by Maisie Waves and how you colored them. Beautiful.

  6. Very very pretty & colourful tile. I love it

  7. Great tile, HeidiSue. I especially like Mumsy and Meringue; but COLOR is the real star of this tile.