Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Diva Challenge #207 UMT Unbatz

For this month's UMT challenge, The Diva presents us with a tangle Unbatz by the very talented Sandy Hunter.

Oh my, what a fun tangle this is! It is simple to create, and ends up with the most interesting shapes as you play with it.

I put several pages of my sketchbook to this one, as I learned it and maneuvered it and played with it.

I created this tile

unbatz three ways, and b'twined in the middle
which is okay, but my mind turned back to my original playing around. I really like the shape that one element of this tangle makes. It reminds me of an intricate bead.

so that's what I'm running with this time: The piece I threw together, playing with dangles and beadlike things, and jewelry looking stuff. The image is a little bit blurry...sorry. At the top left and bottom right is a pattern I'm working on that I call gala (based on the sequins and dangles on a dress I saw on TV, worn by a celebrity at a party) I also used Roel and a variation of LinQ
Unbatz. What a fun shape.
 Maybe I'll play with this concept some more, creating a drapery of dangles, with unbatz as the star. This piece itself could benefit from some shading. If i make another entry in this challenge, that's what it'll be.

Thanks to Laura Harms for such a great challenge (as always) and thank you to everyone who comments here. I read every comment and appreciate all of them.


  1. I love the way you practice and play with a tangle until you can call it your own. You really did some nice things with this tangle.

  2. I really like where you're going with the dangles. If you keep working on it, maybe you could post it again along with next week's challenge. You've helped me to see some more creative possibilities with Unbatz.

  3. I like the changes you made to the tangle. Its very creative and has a really cool look.

  4. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook pages. It's fun to see the work that leads up to the final product. I like the creative way you used this week's tangle, but then, your work is always different and fun. Nice!

  5. I so agree with you, such a fun tangle. Love the variations you came up with!

  6. I do like this tile with it's great comtrast.

  7. Great variations and I love your Dangle curtain!

  8. Thank you so much for showing us your variations and your playing with this pattern! I like what you did with it and your "dangling patterns" on the last ones :-)

  9. WOW! Really wonderful ideas. I like in the last one how everything seemed to hang off of the unbatz creations. And the shading gave things a metallic feel...wonderful highlights.

  10. Heidi, I love all your variations and I agree that this is a fun tangle. There is just so much to do with it. It may become one of my favorites, Love what you have done with all of your variations and the curtain with the dangles. Good stuff!

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