Thursday, March 26, 2015

O! My!

Suzy Mosh's challenge this week is to use patterns beginning with O, that we've never used before.

I have several strips of cardstock, left over from making some 3.5x3.5  tiles homemade. I think they are the right size for bookmarks, and have been filling them with patterns.

my luscious green blanket, over my lap, for a background
so I decided to run with a bookmark for the O challenge and chose Opus, which I loved for the layering. Then, behind and under it, Oof. I used pretty much the patterns as shown in the step outs, but I think they would be fun to play around with, especially Opus. Lots of potential there.

Both of these patterns can be found on and they both happen to be from Rick and Maria themselves. I want to do another O entry, but this is what I have gotten done.
I shaded it with sky blue prismacolor pencil.

I was surprised, how many O patterns I just never saw before. (O) is one of my faves. And onomato is fun I use it a lot. Oolo I discovered recently. But wow, there's a LOT I have no acquaintance with.

a close up from the corner


  1. Cool bookmark! I'll bet there are a hundred different ways to style Opus. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!