Thursday, March 26, 2015


This week's Diva Challenge is to create a tile using a spiral as string.

it was harder than i thought it would be, because i wanted to break away from the seashell no avail. I did two pieces, and both are so seashelly

 This is phicops, and each edge has a border pattern. Trimond, tropicana, copada, cabana, antique, hitched, LoLo, xyp, onomato. I got the idea of borders from Joey's Challenge (which I might not get to post, because my computer is VERY iffy)
I added some ribbons, and then put sand swirl all around. The ribbons disappeared into the sand swirl, so i shaded them with violet and lavendar prismacolor pencil.
Sorry about that blur.

The second piece i like a lot.

maybe because it is simpler. The main pattern is Ammon, and I put some vortex (or some such) inside the shell. Btljz and some beadlines coming out, like a nautilus. Tipple on the bottom. Very seashelly.

You can see where I was playing with flux on that page.

It was fun to do, but I feel like I stayed right inside the box on this one. It's given me a lot of play ideas though. I shall experiment with spirals.

In fact, this isn't an official entry in the challenge, but I'll share it. It is Dave Hunter's pattern, newly published on   pinbawl   I drew a double spiral, and tried to figure out how to put pinbawl in all of it. It's wonky, but not horrendous, maybe? you can go direct to Dave's blog for pinbawl instructions here, and I highly recommend clicking around his blog. He has some simply amazing stuff on there. A genuine artist.

Surrounded by footlights. I am sure enjoying the prismacolor pencils i bought with the $50 gift card! I won it in a drawing, from a comment on Art Room Blog 
There is a drawing there every month, and it really is a charming blog.

and that's it for now. I hope to get clicking on everyone's entries today. My computer was so balky at even reading my camera chip today...don't know how many more challenges I'll be able to post.


  1. All of your work is good, HeidiSue, but I really love the first one. The shell nestles into the sand swirls and then the pretty purple ribbons add just the right accent. A triumph!
    I like your pinbawl's a really great tangle!

  2. All are lovely pieces. Spirals make for such flowing tiles. I really like the purple you added to the first one. It just adds something special. And you are right, David is most talented.

  3. HeidiSue, sometimes there's a reason you're drawn to shell patterns and it doesn't hurt to go with the follow as shown by the excellent results you achieved. If you want to see literal (i.e. waaaay inside the box), check out my response to this challenge (which I know that you already did).

  4. Heidi, love your spiral challenge pieces and they are beautiful as shells. I love what you have done with them. I didn't know exactly how to proceed, so I actually literally used the spiral as a string and tried my best to do something with it. It really isn't as easy as I thought it would be either. Your spiral version of David's tangle is something I would never have thought of. Interesting take on it. I wish I had as active imagination as you do. Great work this week!

  5. Your spirals are great - 'specially love the first one!

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