Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the A's have it


This week over at Suzy Mosh's place, we encounter an A challenge.

Pick any A tangles that we've never used before, and go for it.

(The simplest challenges often turn out to be the most fun!)

I created my favorite type of "string" by tracing around several templates of various sized tiles: the standard 3.5x3.5, a couple of bijous, and some ATC sizes.

Then I went ahead and filled it all in with tangles.

A tangles are in no certain order:
Angel fish, amoeba, Asian fans, AA's, Ammon, amaze and a new favorite Akoya (along the upper edge of Flord. )

Akoya is fun to do, and ends up looking so cool and twisty.

Other patterns I used were Oolo, aquafleur ribbons, mooka, flux, flord, luvya, cruffle, and undling.

other than the aquafleur element, I haven't used any of the A tangles, though I think Asian fans is one I practiced when I was first starting out in zentangle. Angel fish I've seen in many places and never did anything with it until didn't turn out as cool as i thought it would, for some reason.

I would like to play with amoeba more. Ammon turned out cool, making it sort of "hollow" with the shading and putting some cruffle inside the spaces.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13 (a few days later, edited to add:)

 I did some Amoeba play over the last couple of days, and added another A pattern that I've never used: Axlexa. Boy was this a fun piece to do! I worked the ink part of it between calls at work, and this morning when I got up, i was in a "sit and think" mood, so I got out some pencils and added color. I used my Derwent water colour pencils, but didn't wet anything, just used them dry. Oh! I LOVE how it turned out! Fun fun challenge!

And now, for the true star of the show: Becky Ann. My cat.

draw  me like one of your French girls
About three months old
Becky came to me from a colony of feral cats in my apartment complex. She was about six weeks old when I got her...the super found her in a utility closet, just snoozing on the floor, and he thought she was a pile of rags!

She is packed with personality, especially in the "what can I do at 3 am to wake up mom?" genre. I find earrings missing (and then find the missing earrings in a completely other room.) Yesterday she got me out of bed by knocking my keys to the floor from the kitchen table.

Currently Becky is beating up a box in the kitchen, the one my 10 count micron pens and large sketchbook arrived in, yesterday! Yay! 


  1. Wonderful work with all these a-patterns! Like the contrast and your shading.
    What a good idea to draw your string in this way!

  2. Becky Ann is beautiful! Your tile is marvelous! You really have a way in picking patterns that mix well together. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  3. Very beautiful - the tile and the cat.

  4. Your ZIA is fantastic! That being said, my girls LOVE your pictures of Becky! Miss Cora want to talk to Becky about the benefits of a 2 am session of kneading dough on momma's tummy, Miss Bella Pita want to demonstrate the skill of dropping a toy from the headboard to dad's forehead at 3 am, Miss Kitty wants to discuss the health benefits of drape and curtain climbing, and Miss Ginger want to show Becky how to run from one end of the house to the other knocking over as many objects as possible!

    1. how delightful! I see you have cats advanced in the arts of Home Cluttering and Furnishing Destruction. For now, Becky is practicing her HousePlant Digging 101 on a daily basis. I know she will pass it with flying colors. She is quite good already at knocking everything over in her path, as she dashes through the house like a whirlwind. Born talent, that. She and Miss Ginger would have such fun together, terrorizing all inhabitants and breaking things.

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