Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the H challenge

this week's challenge from SuzyMosh has the letter H as our inspiration.

There is an H pattern that I've had my eye on for a long time, and that is Hurry. It looks so cool, and yet is so simple. I don't know why I never ran with it before, but that's okay because this turns out to be just the right opportunity.

Last week, the string challenge had Inaura as one of the patterns. I played with that one a bit and had fun,though I didn't enter in that challenge.

and then got busy with several zendalas (and one VERY COOL traditional mandala) then the H challenge came along and I decided Hurry would be my H tangle.

Flipping thru my sketchbook, I saw my page of Inaura and an idea struck.
And, to cut a long story a little bit short, here is what I created, using Hurry and Inaura.

This was probably the most relaxing AND energizing piece I've done for a long time. Relaxing because of the repetition, and energizing because of how EXTREMELY cool it was to do. It kept my interest, and every line was more "wow! this is SO COOL!"

so, here it is. I call it "Loose Ends"

Loose Ends