Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flux Has Arrived!

The Diva Challenge for The Final Week of March

First of all, it was only last week that I realized, Flux had never been published on tanglepatterns.com. This was pointed out to me by a friend at work who just this past couple of weeks or so, began exploring zentangle after seeing some of my art on my cubicle walls.

Flux? Not on tanglepatterns.com? Really?


A day or two later, after this very strange revelation (for Flux is a popular tangle, with lots of uses, which I have seen in a lot of works, and have used in almost every piece I have done. How could such a widely used pattern NOT be on tanglepatterns.com?)...


A day or two later, Zentangle. com comes out with a blog entry, officially "announcing" the Zentangle pattern Flux, and a sample or two of Maria's version, and some of Rick's. Isn't that something, one of the most popular, first used and most used tangle patterns out there, only "officially" came out THIS week.

of course Maria and Rick have amazingly creative uses of Flux, and I could have gone to almost any piece I've ever done and find samples of flux that I've used (including the 200th challenge on the diva's website)...but then I got to looking around my front room, at some art I've framed and put on the walls. One of my favorite pieces, once I got looking at it, actually is loaded with flux, although it is more paisley looking, and not so leaf looking.

Lots of perfs, lots of curls, and plenteousness of a teardrop shape. All filled in with black, which lends it a modern look, not real ruffley. I never thought it was very flux-y until this challenge. So, I got out a tile and did a smaller version of the pieces I have on my wall.

This has whetted my appetite for fooling around with this tangleation some more. Fun stuff!

Flux on the Swirl


  1. What a beautiful tile. I really love this tangleation!

  2. Lovely tile, looks like a marriage of Flux and Henna Drum. I think Rick and Maria have kept some tangles without stepouts to encourage people to take a course from a CZT, that has been one of the only places where you can get all the official tangle stepouts.

  3. OMG, I love swirls, and putting little black flux sideways to the swirls is an awesome way to use flux.

  4. What a beautiful tile you've made, HeidiSue. I love it. Axxx

  5. Heidi Sue, you just keep getting better and better - and never fail to surprise. I love the way you've done your flux tangelations. I had never thought of doing flux in black - and now I can see how beautiful it looks. Thanks for the inspiration! Great job!

  6. That's a happy Flux tile :-)

  7. You gave this tangle quite and elegant, delicate work.

  8. Your tile looks so beautiful :-) I love the combination with the curls etc.

  9. Your tile is just gorgeous! It reminds me of that tangle - something about eyelashes, I think. So pretty and antique looking!

  10. Your flux is crisp and flowing like calligraphy with a pen nib and ink. So precise.

  11. Heidi...both tangles reminds me of taking a tole painting class years ago and the teacher emphasizing "practice your stroke work"...and I didn't, however today I am back at it in a very different mode. LOVE your piece....would love to see the pieces on your wall, thanks for the story, sooo amazing isn't it?

  12. Really great idea!! I love how you've used flux on swirls!!

  13. Marvelous use of Flux. Very creative.

  14. This is so pretty and I can see how well it would work as a framed piece on the wall. It's delicate and yet bold and I love it.

  15. You have used the shapes for Flux in a unique way!

  16. Heidi, your tile is beautiful as always. I love the delicacy and your personal take on flux. It's absolutely amazing. Great work!

  17. This is amazing and such a creative use of flux!! So pretty and delicate!! Thank you for commenting!! :)

    My friend Carolien and I are starting a new weekly challenge you might like. It starts Wed. Details at http://www.dianeclancy.com/blog/diane-caroliens-weekly-zentangle-challenge

    ~ Diane Clancy

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