Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diva Challenge---Poke Root vs. Cubine

 The Diva (Laura Harms) challenges us this week to create a piece using two tangles, cubine and pokeroot.

cubine is so square and pokeroot is so round. It was a fun challenge.

I started with string 125 and used paper that Annie from our latest Intermountain Tanglers Gathering brought. She had samples for everyone, and I took a yellow and a blue green.

It was the yellow one I used for this challenge, and a sepia micron pen. I also used dark brown and tan colored pencil for shading.

Balance is achieved not only with the round and square elements, but I was very pleased with how the light and dark balance out, too. The over/under thing is pretty cool too. 

This paper has a rather rough tooth which you can see in the colored pencil shading. It almost looks like crayon. I wish the yellow showed up better.  

So the time has come to introduce my own Diva: Becky Ann, the cat. 

She came to me from the feral colony that lives in my apartment complex, when she was about six weeks old. The super found her snoozing in a utility closet, and in the dim light, thought she was a pile of rags. 

 Becky is packed with personality
and energy.
She loves to play the game It's Three o'clock in the morning what shall I do to wake mom up. Usually this involves getting up on the dresser and rummaging through my jewelry. Sometimes it means dashing through the house like she's chasing...ghosts?
Kitty Loves Boxes
She just got done beating up a box in the other room. ha! The box that my 10 micron pens and large sketchbook came in, from Amazon! woo hoo!
Right  now she is quiet...wonder what she's plotting.

draw me like one of your French girls?    


  1. Your tile is lovely and so is your cat. I had one too until she died at the really old age of 18.

    1. I had a lovely old cat, too. Rosie. I had to have her put down last year about this time, at age 21. I still miss that sweet old pussy cat. And glad to have Becky to lighten things up.

    2. Love your tile and LOVE the kitten.

  2. Your tile reflects the beautiful colors in your kitty! Nicely done...very cool balance in your rendering!

  3. Love the balance in your tile!

  4. Pretty tile in yellow. I love your kitty. Aren't they just amazing little critters? (Even when they are waking us up in the middle of the night, sigh!)

  5. Love your tile Heidi. I think the color in your tile is perfect and using the brown to shade is really on the spot. Say hi to your kitty for me...I'm a HUGE cat lover, we have 3. Today is our oldest one's 15 birthday. If I can get his to pose, I'm going to post his picture on my blog. Anyway, great tile and beautiful kitty!

  6. Lovely tile and cute cat!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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