Friday, June 12, 2015

Beads of Hope

This is my entry for the Diva challenge this week. Every time her little guy Artoo has a hospital trip (which is pretty often, as he has Moebius Syndrome that causes ailments more frequently) he adds a Bead of Courage to his collection.

And this is my entry. I had a lot more written, but it fell prey to the chief hazard of using a laptop (you will brush the touch pad, and it will highlight all your work and when you hit the next key, everything highlighted, which in this case was a paragraph or so, will go away)

so with that, I present my Beads of Courage entry.  It is string #153 and I used Jujubeedze in a monotangle. I used shading to try and give it some dimension, but for some reason what I was trying to do eluded me.

I used a gold sparkle gel pen and a purpley metallic gel pen on the diamonds in between the jujubeedze. Some fringes or tassles on the ends.

the sparkle shows a little bit here, though the pic is blurry

And that's that. I'll spend some time clicking around in the challenge and see what others have done. Beads of Courage is one of the absolute most wonderful things I've ever heard of and I wish I could have done it justice.


  1. Lovely! And the sparkle definitely shows. And isn't the scheme a wonderful thing! Axxx

  2. How clever to put the shadows in. Love the sparkle.

  3. Love your Jujubeedze monoTangle. Great motion and movement in your string. The sparkle definitely shows and you shading gives your beads variable heights above the drawing plane. Love it.

  4. Very well done and the shading is awesome.

  5. Lovely beads and a wonderful shading!

  6. I really love the gold and purple touches - they add to the jewel look. Your shading is wonderful, too. Nice!