Sunday, June 28, 2015

Joey's ABC Challenge: Cornerz

The ongoing challenge over at Joey's blog is a series of monotangles, each one a tangle starting with the next letter of the alphabet. This week it is Cornerz.

I had a tough time with Cornerz, finding it not easy to get nicely rounded, even corners and the shapes I came up with weren't pleasing. There was something uneven about it that I couldn't seem to correct and I wasn't having fun.

BUT...once I put a grid on a full sheet of sketchbook paper and started playing with it, I did start having fun. The best was making a series of en pointe squares (diamonds?) with even spaces between them, then I aura'ed the cornerz before filling with radiating lines.

I "hooked" each line "around" the aura'ed curves and just loved it!

And I decided to do a few with arcs instead of radiating lines...and darned if they didn't look like wedges of watermelon once they were colored.

So I decided to do a set of watermelon slices, and fiddled around with more variations.

There is a long section of something a bit flowery and red, and a square one with ribbony things.

On that one, I made radiating lines on the outside of the curves, not from the corner out to the curve. Interesting I suppose, but not my favorite.

The ribbons stream out from where the cornerz curves meet the edges

In the end, I did have fun with Cornerz. Seems you can play with it very nicely.