Thursday, June 4, 2015


 1) make a "ray" pattern of five short lines
2) connect the lines with curves
3) embellish with twisty things or dots or nothing

This tangle makes a good fill for areas where you'd like some white space or sparkly stuff. You can stop at any step, with just the rays, or after you've added the curved connectors.
 This pattern is based on a VERY cool sea creature, called the Basket Starfish
I don't remember how I came across this photo, but it intrigued me greatly. I like the shape of its center, and the curling, twining, crisscrossing arms are fascinating.

I've put this tangle in a lot of my pieces, and have a couple to display here.

 this one is so Christmasy! Starsket here just adds the sparkle.

In this piece, starsket is comingling with another of my patterns, flysh which developed the day I discovered Ditto by Sue Jacobs.

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