Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Challenge of Arukas

Yes, Joey. I think Arukas is a very challenging tangle. It isn't my favorite, mostly because I run out of room, so to speak. The spokes get too crowded, too soon or something. However, I had a tan cardstock tile at hand and a sepia 01 Sakura pen and decided to play around some.

. And when I was done filling the tile with Arukas, I couldn't help myself...I filled every  blank spot with tipple. And then colored some in! In the end, I really like it.

It kind of does look like starfish washed up on the beach
This is a shot using some kind of filter in my camera. Takes all the yellow out.

This one is taken with no filters. It shows the true color of the tile.

I like the first one better because you can see the colored tipples better.

This is the first Arukas I've ever drawn that I liked, and I really do like it.

I used tan card stock, sepia 01 micron pen, and a variety of prismacolor pencils.


  1. You managed to put in many Arukas! Not too little room, I would say ;-)

  2. So I wasn't the only one that had to add some Tipple!! ;o)
    I admire you for making so many Arukas, it's not easy to keep all of those lines going in the right direction!
    Thanks for participating!
    ~ joey ~

  3. I can't even think in this dimension! Unbelievable interweaving.

  4. Those are great Arukas! They remind me of stained glass windows. So pretty! Sarah.

  5. I like your Arukas in the center of Arukas!

  6. These are both pretty but I like the tan better because of the color!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy