Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Joey's Bunzo Challenge

Fun stuff! Bunzo has been the star lately, in a couple of challenges. It is my very first tangle I ever learned, and it is one of my online names, short for bunsofaluminum, which I've used for years. Because bunsofsteel was too much work.

So, bunzo. I enjoyed doing this monotangle that was presented in Joey's Challenge this week. I put it in a string, number 148 because that string has a built in overlap look to it. I wanted my bunzos to have some depth a layering.

Carnival for Barnacles

This is what I created. I used a tile sized piece of tan card stock, put the string on there, and started doodling. The finer ones, in black, went down first, and I put the big shiny ones in there, sort of under the smaller bunch, in burgundy micron. The last large one I did was the blue, and I put it in the bottommost layer. I did the stripes just a bit different, using lines instead of solidly coloring it in.

There were a few blank places along the edges of the big bunzo's, for a few smaller clumps, and I finished it off by highlighting in white charcoal pencil. Shading in graphite 3B.

The small, finer version of Bunzo reminds me of barnacles, and that shiny stripey version is like the Big now to name it (drumroll please) and with a little alliteration: Carnival for Barnacles. Ta Da!


  1. Great,how you got so much variation form one tangle, I love the title lol

  2. I love this tile. Great variations. Beautiful sparkles and shading. And the middle bunzo with the subtle color just makes it perfect.

  3. Wow you have quite a history with Bunzo! The different colours really make this seem like there are other tangles in the tile, at first glance you would not think it's a monotangle. And the name is perfect!
    Thanks so much,
    ~ joey ~

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