Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Combined Challenges: Diva and SuzyMosh

There are so many cool challenges out there. I found a new one, Daniel's Tangleation Vocation, that I want to start participating in, because of the emphasis on making a tangle pattern your own, by doing a tangleation of it. That just sounds like such a creative endeavor.

However, there are two that I go to week after week: The Diva Challenge, and SuzyMosh's That's New to Me challenge. And this week, I've done a ZIA combining both of these.

Laura Harms, aka The Diva, has presented us with this month's UMT by CZT Alice Hendon. The pattern is called All Boxed Up and as simple as it looks to do it, let me tell you, it is not. The really cool effects of diamonds within the boxes happens best with precision and shading. No matter what I did, it wasn't happening for me. My initial go at it was disappointing, as I added All Boxed Up to a piece I was working on, and a creation I was enjoying became a "meh" to me.

But I do like how the shading effects this pattern, and I made a real quick ATC on gray with gray shading and white highlights.
I added a square of Ambler in the middle, and then Dave Hunter's pattern putki in the lower right. This is fast becoming a favorite of mine. When all is said and done, I really like this one.

When I got home, I knew I wanted to 1) play with All Boxed Up some more and 2) see if I could put some elements of the SuzyMosh challenge into it.

SuzyMosh this week asked us to use A patterns (one rule: they must be new to me) and she added the delightful Margaret Bremner to the mix. The greatest thing about this challenge truly is that it brings new patterns to me, tangles that I've never encountered before, or maybe I've seen and practiced them once but never used them.

So I sat down to tangle and started with Meer. (a fleeting thought, to created a stacked tangle for the FB page came to mind, and quickly left...)

The treasure house of the deeps

The underside of the Meer was perfect to start a line of All Boxed Up, and I decided to play with it...wonky lines. Then it needed some round, so I did an onotmato and then another, and another! And, speaking of wonky, I crisscrossed them...that was fun. More All Boxed Up...then I wanted to find some A patterns which I did.

Antidots and Ansu are two that I've seen here and there. I've practiced Ansu, but never so much as laid pen to paper for Antidots, so I did a little corner of them there. See that? Aura'ed around them. Then Atorm, which is a big favorite of mine.

Now for a Bremner tangle...which I found and delighted in: Ionic.. Those are the curly bits along the bottom of the atorm and allboxedup, the top edge, and along the blue onomato.

Isn't this a charming tangle? Ionic. I added my own circley dots on them.

What a whimsical pattern, truly!
I finished up with beadlines and ribbons, then colored the onomatos in earth tones (and one blue) and did the shading. 

This one, I like a lot. 

The ATC may go to a co worker...maybe just leave it on someone's cubicle randomly. 


  1. I love this post, HeidiSue. You are such a creative thinker as you creatively create your Tangle Art. Two wonderful pieces. Love your combo challenge design. All Boxed Up is fabulous and your Onotmato is awesome. Your shading of Beadlines and Ribbons is awesome. A very cohesive and delightful design. Well done.

  2. Wow. You were a very busy tangler this week with spectacular results.Your DIva tile reminds me of a coffered ceiling. I like the white accents. I think they make it look antique. Your other ZIAs are also impressive.

  3. absolutely great work this week, Heidi Sue. I love all of it.

  4. Beautiful work, Heidi! Your ATC looks very artistic and so those your ZIA. Wonderful!

  5. Love your tile. That color is very beautiful. May I try it? I've done other colors but I love that shade! So creative! Sarah.

  6. Wow! Your treasure house is, indeed full of treasures. What a wonderful combination of tangles! It's also neat to see the All Boxes Up in your Diva tangle, which is pretty straighforward, like any new tangle - and then the way you've twisted it, shaded it and brought it to life in the second tangle once you've mastered it.
    I love your work, Heidi Sue. Your passion and creativity are evident in every piece you do. You should start a fundraiser to go to Providence...you'd be a great CZT!

  7. GREAT execution here! Love how you experimented with All Boxed Up!

  8. I like your challenge tile and the zia is gorgeous!!!

  9. Lovely ATC and absolutely gorgeous your ZIA! Wonderful job this week!

  10. I love everything about the Diva Challenge #20: your choice of addressing the pattern, the contrasting use of Putki and Ambler, the choice of paper and the shading.
    Love the shading under the beadlines in your second piece.

  11. Wow! What a wonderful drawing!...and a great pick of tangle patterns. It is an honor for my challenge to be combined with the DIVA's! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  12. Gorgeous work! I love "Ionic". I've never seen that one before.

  13. The ATC is great work. I like the highlighting and how All Boxed Up fades off into Putki. the larger ZIA though is really great. I have never had as much luck with larger pieces.Nice transitions of tangles.

  14. These are lovely tiles!!! The first is elegant and I love the 2nd where you did SuzyMosh too!! :) Nice job!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  15. I agree regarding All Boxed Up...not being simple. I had quite a workout with it, but since time was limited I did only two pieces. Your second piece was fabulous and I really love the beadlines and ribbons at the bottom..wow! A stunning piece and enjoyed reading your description of the process too!

  16. Heidi, so sorry that I am late getting this posted, but last week came and went far too quickly. I like your little ATC and the shading is amazing. I, too, struggled with All Boxed Up, mostly because my hands would NOT draw straight lines. I love your second piece, your creativity and eye for design are things I have always admired about your work. It flows beautifully and the little pops of color made for a stunning piece. I love it and I always like reading your posts. They are very informative for me.