Sunday, June 21, 2015

Colors of the Rainbow

This is what I have been doing the last couple of days. I have colored tiles on my cubicle wall, one tile for each color of the rainbow. They've been displayed for quite a while, and it was time for a change. So I made that my project the past few days.

I figure it will be a last minute, second entry on the Diva challenge.

The whole spectrum, blurred.
I actually started with the purple tile and worked my way up. Red was last, and for some reason it is on the arm of my couch, while the rest of the tiles I snapped on the floor in my front room.

Cirquital isn't a pattern I've used a lot. I think it looks like monster teeth coming up out of a hole in the ground, or blades. Danger! Danger!
But the roundness of it needed some straight line squares to balance it. And I tossed some good old fashioned boxes in there for good measure.

Cirquital on a bed of All Boxed up (and some boxes)


For my orange tile, I wanted something daisy-like, and Loop de Loop

turned out to be just right. It's whimsical. A little garden corner full of Kurrajong flowers, poke root, and poke leaf. River divides it nicely.


Yellow is an energetic color, and I wanted energetic
patterns so I decided to make a storm: trio, static,
bunzo, msst, and some printemp along the bottom.

I used violet for the shading.

DoubleD border, Undiala and Concert sun, lokomotiv, mooka


Stella! I just learned this one

Grape Jellybeans!
Onomato, Discolea, Inventione, Mi2, some tipple and pearls

It's almost impossible to make something unattractive on a colored tile, because the highlights make it so neat. When I started this purple one I didn't like the onomato at all and let it sit for a day...then I thought what the hey, and put more patterns in there. When I added the lavender for highlights, and the indigo blue for shadows, it got better. The white gel pen glints are just icing on the cake, and that's how it is with all of these tiles.
All of these were fun to do, and I am pleased with how all of them look.



  1. I love all of these, but the yellow one is my favorite. Great job on these!

  2. Wonderful idea! All are lovely! Especially I like the orange one!

  3. Heidi, once again you nailed it! These are amazing...all of them. What a wonderful idea to make all of these on rainbow colors. I may have to try the same thing when things settle down

  4. Great idea! They all look lovely!

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