Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daniel's Verdigogh challenge and Suzy's L challenge

A few weeks ago I ran into a novel challenge by way of *someone's* challenge entry *somewhere*... each challenge features a tangle, and our challenge is to create tangleations on that pattern. Neat, eh?

It can be found at The Tangle Corner, by Daniel and it is called the Tangleation Vocation...again, neat! A calling, in fact.

Verdigoh is such a cool pattern, one I've played with quite a bit, and it was lots of fun to try variations on the theme.The basic shapes of Verdigoh are triangular and circular, so I decided to play with those.

I puttered around on a page in my sketchbook:

 The original is upper left. I did a few different styles. there's a strircle element in the black one. The bottom center is all fine lines, with dots not circles.

I tried my hand at a Byerly style (bottom right) and then decided to try a version with the circular element hugely enhanced.

And that is the tangleation I decided to go with.

This is on a tan ATC tile, in sepia 01 pen. I shaded it with stippling, and added some highlights with a white gelly roller pen.

Yes. I like it. Fun challenge! thanks, Daniel.

For the second entry in this double post, I present the piece I created for Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge.

This week, we have L and because L has popped up before, Suzy added CZT artist JJ LaBarbera. She has home really nice patterns, and many of hers are on

I chose Arc Flower and Allium by JJ, and for L patterns, I used Lealad by Lily Moon and Liberty 100 by Neil Burley. I also threw in a pile of leaflet because it's a huge favorite of mine, and it starts with L and yes I've used it.

Arc Flower was so much fun to play with. I've used mumzy before, but not this one, which is similar. I enjoyed adding some variety here and there amongst the "petals" and shading it was SO much fun.

Arc Flower is in the upper left and lower right corners; lealad is the vertical wallpaper; leaflet on the right side of the lealad, allium snugged in there, and Liberty100 is around the background at the bottom and right of lealad.


  1. Nice tangleation of verdigogh. Love your new to me piece as well.

  2. All your verdigogh are great. I have tried and tried but I can't get it te work for me. I love your strircle version but the final one with stippling looks fwbulous.

  3. Wow, I love your Verdigogh tangleations! So inspiring...I'm gonna need some scrap paper now ^_^

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  5. Wonderful tile! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!