Friday, July 24, 2015

String #102

Adele's String Thing Challenge this week was to use string #102 and our choice of three tangles: Frost Flower, Sez, and Graancirkel. This time around, I played and played, with the tangles and the string and all kinds of combinations.

Freezing Over
This was the first tile, the only piece with all three patterns in it. It reminds me of the beginnings of ice on the edges of a pond. Graancirkel made it into this tile, but none of the others. It needs to be bigger and I want to play with it more.

Here is a tile with just Frost Flower and sez.

There is just the faintest hint of powder blue in a few places here. I like how shading makes Sez look layered. I tried to make the frost flowers more edgy around the fringes, but for some reason, I stopped at the string and then "added" the more fringey ends, but that made it look so choppy.

And the third piece was a tile, traced into my sketchbook. It is a monotangle of Frost Flower and I really like how it turned out, though it reminds me of some other tangle that I can't put my finger on for some reason.

what other tangle does this remind me of? 

Shading wherever the string is adds a lot to this piece. You see the couple of places where I put fanned lines instead of Frost Flowers? And this is the one I like the best, mostly because you can really see the string...and what else is it about? It IS  "A String Thing", after all.