Friday, July 24, 2015

Dicso is New to Me!

so is sweet 101, for that matter...which are the tangles I used for Suzy's Challenge.

We were to find a tangle starting with D, that we've never used before, and also have fun with Sandy Hunter's patterns. Sandy's pattern Cruffle is already one of my favorites, and I had fun with her Unbatz when it was a UMT a while back on the Diva page.

Well, long story short, I found Dicso on and loved it. It is very leafy looking, and the explanation that goes with it is pretty neat. The creator of dicso created a tangle that utilizes all of the basic elements of zentangle: Dot, Straight Line (I), Curve, S curve, and Circle (or o) D I C S O and all in a motif you make without lifting your pen. VERY cool.

So I made a bunch of dicso. It's fun and easy, and makes into a lovely border. And Sandy's Sweet 101 is so cool looking, once it's aura'ed...Well, anyway, this is what I did, pre-shading:

It is in sepia 01. There's a few printemps in there, too. You can see, i had started the shading with dark brown prismacolor.

Eddy in the current
And here it is, fully shaded. I used dark brown, tuscan red, and dahlia purple, then blended with that amazing blending pencil. I love how it pulled the reddish hues down into the negative spaces behind the Dicso leaves.

I also threw some random pieces of sweet 101 in there just for fun.

Also, thickening the lines on the edges of all the "sweets" made them pretty dimensional, without colored pencil shading and blending.


  1. Wonderful drawing! It kind of looks like a beehive up in a tree. Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  2. That's gorgeous! I love Dicso too. It's simple, versatile and really pretty.I love your use of color and shading.

  3. Lovely artistically elegant. You opened my eyes to dicso, I only glanced at the little square example and hadn't noticed how leafy looking the real step out is.

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