Tuesday, July 14, 2015

F for fun!

We are up to the letter F at Joey's blog. (I didn't finish an entry for last week's SUPER DUPER CHALLENGING AND DIFFICULT Entwined challenge...but I'm practicing and will post something, late)

So, the pattern this week is Florez, a very enjoyable cool looking tangle.

The Diva challenge from last week was to use color and I ended up enjoying the process of making colored tiles using Derwent watercolor pencils and water, that I made several more, in varying palettes.

 I'm a little bit afraid of that dark one with the blues and black, but I plan on filling these up with tangles over the next few weeks or days or whatever. The cool thing is, I am no longer afraid to use color. It's enjoyable to see the contrasts, or feel the delight of viewing a nice blend of colors.

Well, I chose my favorite for this challenge. Yellow is my favorite color, and I love the yellow center of this one. So I chose it for florez.

I started with a bijou sized tile centered in the regular tile, which gave me my border, and a center space.

viva la' Bistro! Ole!

This pattern is so pleasing to me, I think because of the weighted lines. That's why n'zeppel is a favorite, too.

There are a couple of places in the tile where the color provides a bit of natural shading, but I also used some prismacolor pencils: Dahlia purple, French gray 50%, and Henna. AND! my new blending pencil. It truly does move the pigment around on the paper. Yummy!

This would make a very pleasant border along a booth in a Mexican bistro. Or in my kitchen, a backsplash behind the stove. Niiiice...


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Love the colours, the composition and the shading. Great tile!

  2. Very experimental, and so worth it. Your tile is lovely. That was my favourite coloured one too, but I am also looking forward to seeing what you do with the green and fuschia one. Bijou comes in handy again:-)

  3. You're right about the weighted lines making such a difference in this pattern.
    I use the prismacolor premier pencils, too, but I use prismacolor's colorless blender. It's a marker, not a pencil and it makes the colors look more like watercolor when they're done. I'll have to look into the blending pencil too.